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A safety sign is an ideal way to convey a customized message, way more effective than an ordinary, generic sign. It has never been easier –or more affordable –to personalize a sign.

  • Most people working in the safety departments –such as engineers or operation managers –do not want to have the task of designing a sign for their area.
  • Safety signs are designed to indicate mandatory actions (such as restrict access to specific areas), warn of hazards (like when there’s a presence of high flammable elements), forbid objects or actions (such as a “no running in the area” legend), marking exit routes, indicate mandatory measures (such as the use of Personal protective gear) and identifying firefighting equipment.

Safety signs play a crucial role in keeping facilities compliant with laws and rules, as well as employees knowledgeable and safe.

Workers must understand the kind of risks involved in the workplace, the precautions they need to take, and clear indications in emergencies.

The great news is that there’s no need to turn into a designer to have a clear, attractive, useful safety sign:

  • You can choose a template from our catalog, or add design and custom details.
  • Choose the size, material, and shape according to your needs.
  • Once you have the design chosen, you can preview it and make the necessary changes.
  • Place the order

All of our signs are made of long-life, high-quality materials intended to last years, even outdoors.