Safety signs don’t necessarily bring more money in the door or add to the positive side of your balance sheet, which is why some business owners skimp on them when getting their organization off the ground. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake.

It only takes a single accident to put you on the hook for damages that could cost you your insurance plan, put you in debt from fines, and even sink your business entirely. A wise investment in safety signs now can avoid disaster in the future. Appraise yourself of the necessary regulations for your area and your business type, and then depend on American Sign Company to provide you with the safety signs you need to provide a safe, compliant work place.

The Four Components of Safety Signs

When reviewing our collection of safety signs, you may notice that all of them concentrate on (at least) one of four aspects of workplace safety signage. Warning signs alert employees and guests of special circumstances that call for extra caution and/or complete avoidance of an area. Prohibit signs inform people – usually customers or visitors – that they are not allowed past a certain door or entranceway. Mandate signs, such as “all employees must wash hands,” outline your expectations in the name of increased safety. Finally, safety signs tell employees, customers, and visitors where to go in the event of an emergency.

The Importance of Using Various Colors

We sell safety signs in a number of colors. These colors are not used randomly; rather, they are in accordance with science, research, and regulations that have determined which colors provoke which reactions in those viewing the signage. For instance, orange and red safety signs have high visibility in inclement conditions; these colors speak to us on a primordial level, telling us that something is not right – danger may be afoot. Yellow, meanwhile, urges a cautious approach without the imminence suggested by red and orange. You can use various colors to indicate differing levels of urgency in your safety signs.

Combine Signs for Effective Presentation

Most regulations allow for business owners to combine safety signs to convey effective communication to employees and guests. Browse our collection to find signs that surround a similar topic of importance. Then you can choose sizes and colors that fit together for a better overall presentation. You should always be wary of what is sometimes called “sign blindness.” This occurs after signs have been installed in the same place over a long period of time. Eventually, people just don’t see them anymore. You can cut into this effect by changing a sign’s placement periodically or, if that’s not possible, updating the signage every couple of years.