As much as everyone is hoping and praying that widespread vaccination will bring the pandemic to an end, experts are already warning that the vaccines may not be enough. With some governors insisting on keeping restrictions in place and the possibility of future outbreaks looming on the horizon, businesses must be prepared to keep their protocols close at hand. Even if you do lift all restrictions, it may be important to let your customers know that as well.

We’ve all been through a lot; the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, but it’s not quite over yet. These COVID-19 signs will help you put your customers at ease and provide them with the information they need.

With some governments requiring masks in all public spaces, it is incumbent on your business to follow the local ordinances and make customers feel safe when they walk in the doors. These “masks required” signs will lay out your expectations from the get-go.

Our social distancing COVID-19 signs will inform your customers that you are adhering to the recommendations laid out by the CDC and other health experts. By putting these signs up, you can gain greater compliance from customers who might otherwise neglect to keep a certain amount of space between themselves and their fellow shoppers.

COVID-19 put a whole lot of businesses on the defensive. Our signs can help you make sure that your customers know that, pandemic or no pandemic, you are open for business. These COVID-19 signs are especially valuable for businesses that have been closed for an extended period of time during the lockdowns. Our signs can also give your customers more precise information about the nature of your opening – dining room open, delivery only, drive-thru only, and so forth.

If you’ve been chosen as a vaccine distributor, you can use our COVID-19 signs to let people know that they’re in the right place for their next shot. We also offer a large range of directional signage that you can use to shuttle patients to the right area of your space. Additionally, there has been talk about some businesses requiring proof of vaccination for future customers; you can use our signs to make your policy on this clear.

In addition to the above outlined COVID-19 signs, we have others that will be suitable for certain businesses with more specific pandemic-era needs. This has been a tough time for everyone in the retail market, which is all the more reason to be clear and precise when it comes to inviting customers back into your store. Our signs are designed to be bold, clear, and easily visible to cut down on the confusion the public may be feeling as they return to their shopping habits.