Do Not Enter Signs

One of the best ways to keep your facilities secure is utilizing enter safety signs such as a “Do not enter” one. This signage lets your visitors and employees know about restricted areas, which is a crucial part of safety and security. These signs also prevent accidents by forbidding people from accessing areas containing hazards. 


For one reason or another, all industrial facilities, such as factories and plants, have areas that need to be restricted. No matter the reason –safety, privacy, or legal constraints –it is essential to take proactive steps to keep the zone intact. Sensitive areas are protected with clear, eye-catching Do not enter signs. 


Aside from industrial applications, Do not enter signs are universally used for roads and streets. Placed at an adequate distance, it lets drivers instantly know there’s a road, or zone, ahead with restricted access. There are other circumstances in which Do not enter signage is useful, for example, when the road leads to a no-exit area or a private road that does not allow the general public to access it. If placed strategically, these signs can help control traffic. With some customization, they can be set for specific themes and areas. 


Some of the most common reasons to utilize Do not enter signs are:

· Restricted Areas

· No Trespassing

· Security Notice

· Permit Required

· Confined space

· No left or right turn

· Wrong way

· Road closed ahead


The best place to set a sign is on the right side of the road. This way, both pedestrians, motorists, and drivers can see it clearly. However, if the road as a one-way street, then signs should be placed in pertinent directions. In some cases, these signs are enough barriers to deter drivers from entering a zone. 



Affecting traffic with appropriate signs is a proven way to reduce accidents, particularly when it relates to speed. New York City, for example, in recent years, has lowered its speed limits and expanded bike lanes, which are actions that have paralleled a drop in traffic fatalities. Signs remind people about laws and the penalties involved with breaking them.

Like mentioned, Do not enter signs are not only used for the roads. Some of the areas in which they can and should, be placed are electrical rooms, radiation zones, chemical storage areas, construction zones, and anywhere where the presence of an alien can be considered dangerous or illegal. Do not enter signs also reduce the company’s liability in case of an accident. Especially for new or untrained employees, these are extremely useful to reinforce compliance of safety procedures. 

These useful, vital signs come in a variety of sizes, formats, and messaging options. They are built with industrial quality to withstand harsh weather conditions or other elements thrown at them, such as chemicals.


Keep your facilities compliant, safe, and clear with Do not enter signs adequately placed. Customize the shape, message, and size according to your needs and preferences.