There are so many types of custom signs; sometimes, it can be challenging deciding which one suits your needs the best. You have purely decorative, informative, outdoor, indoor, etc. The process to decide does not have to be difficult. The important is to choose a high-quality one and the right level of customization. Among the factors, you should consider the following ones:




No question, the first factor to consider is what kind of material you will use for your customized signage. There’s fabric, metal, neon, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, PVC, vinyl, among many others. The key here is to understand the characteristics of each material and, upon that, make a choice.


Then you must consider this:

  • Business location. Weather conditions differ. Some places are rainy, others extremely dry. So checking out how different materials react to weather is crucial. But also, your specific facility’s location is primordial. It is not the same to be in a strip mall than stand alone in the side of the road. For off-road businesses, a monumental sign is recommended. For multi-story, you should keep high-rise signage.
  • Type of business. Every business that has a physical location must have an outer sign. Nonetheless, you should know what will be useful to you. Small businesses work better with blade signs on the storefront. A ballet academy, on the other hand, may work better with a monument sign or a directory.
  • Budget. There’s no such thing as a fixed price per sign. Material, size, shape, and level of customization affect the quantity you will pay. Before getting overly excited with an ambitious sign, you should consider how much you are willing to pay for it. Some solutions are proven to be effective without being costly, such as vinyl banners.
  • Operation hours. Commonly, small businesses operate from 8 to 5 pm and do not see much traffic at night. In this case, there is no point in getting a lit sign. Nonetheless, large businesses or shops open past dark must consider an illuminated sign. The light is an eye-catching element, but of course, it means a higher investment.
  • Is your business new? If your shop is new, there’s a bunch of signs you need to place in order to comply with law requirements. Some of the common areas, such as exits, restrooms, and such, require standard signage. Of course, you are able to decorate them or add customization as long as it includes the proper message.
  • Business revamp. Remodeling a business does not mean you need to replace every sign in your store, however changing some of the decorative signage may attract attention and help you revamp your brand. Remember, your ultimate goal is to bring customers in and attract them. They want to ensure that your signs work for you and your business, effectively bringing in and informing customers.

In a nutshell, custom signs must:


  • Clearly advertise your business. In an attractive, eye-catching way.
  • Tell potential customers where to find your business, especially if your facilities are not visible from the road.
  • Be easy to read for anyone. Keep in mind that not every passerby is familiar with your brand, products, and services. Provide them as much information about you so they can become engaged.


Customizing your signs will give your facilities a personality. Something that speaks for your level of customer service and high-quality products.