Aluminum signs are the best solution for long term outdoor signage applications such as traffic signs and directional signs. Aluminum is known for its strength and rigidity. Even though it is thin and incredibly lightweight, it’s strong, and the thicker it is, the greater the panel strength.

Extremely durable aluminum signs deliver a highly professional look when printed in full color or applied with vinyl lettering and graphics. This premium product resists rust and corrosion throughout extended product life.

Custom printed aluminum signs feature full color and high-quality digital imaging designed to last many years outdoors, giving the signs a sharp, vibrant look at different sizes.
Aluminum is a great outdoor material. It will not rust – that is the nature of aluminum. This makes aluminum signage an excellent investment. Aluminum, available in many different thicknesses, is customizable to any size or shape and at any quantity.

Why choosing our aluminum signs?

They are incredibly affordable.

You would expect this sign material to be one of the most expensive for the level of sturdiness and longevity. It’s not. It’s one of the least costly. When compared to other options, our aluminum signs beat the competition! Affordable, durable, and strong, all in one material.

It provides a terrific, classy look.
Aluminum signage might not cost you a fortune, but it certainly can look like it did. Metal finishes typically give a very classy, professional look. Whether it’s a brushed, polished, or mirrored finish, aluminum signs stand out! For that reason, it’s often seen in professional offices – i.e., attorneys’ offices, courtrooms, higher education facilities, etc. No one can resist the elegant shiny look!

It provides versatility.

While other materials work only for indoor applications, aluminum can be used inside or outside. Aluminum is perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage! Outdoors, it’s rustproof and waterproof, and therefore weather-resistant. That’s why aluminum will last many years without the material breaking down or failing, which can’t be said for other choices. And, indoors, where there’s no concern about the effects of sunlight or inclement weather, aluminum will last for decades. It’s incredibly versatile!

It offers a wide range of customization.

Are you looking to combine our great aluminum signs with some vinyl decals? Do you wish to screen print on top of them? You can do it! Do your requirements include having signage in specialized cutouts? Sure! You can give your signage a great personality by adding just a little creativity. Aluminum is the ideal canvas for all of your great ideas!
While the material is sturdy, the options are completely flexible!

Seek through our extensive catalog and look for the most suited version of our aluminum signs. Please remember all of our signs are customizable. If there’s a particular image, wording, style you need to be included in your aluminum sign, use our designing tools and craft the best aluminum signage for you.