Business Signs

The most visible form of communication between your business and the public is a sign. Outdoor signage impacts the performance of well-established high-level corporations and small brick and mortar stores and shops.

A business sign does a lot more than inform; they give your customers an idea about your quality level based on its appeal. The more well-designed and implemented business signs are, the higher the brand exposure. Similarly, poor or low-quality signage can deter customers from engaging with your business.

Business signs matter and work! And here’s why

  • Brand identity. Bright, classy, flashy, modern. The adjectives the public notices in your business sign will be the same they perceive from your brand. An attractive sign conveys the high standards of your company. A small, poorly designed, or damaged sign will portray your business as sloppy, dirty, and unprofessional.
  • It provides a competitive advantage. You, like everyone else, have competition. Standing out from the crowd is challenging, but your business sign can be the differentiation. When potential clients are unsure whether to enter a business or another, the sign is a tell-tale of which of the two will satisfy their needs. People get drawn or repelled by signs! Your outdoor and wayfinding signage should be in a high traffic location proximate to your business. Onsite signage will provide the added benefit of enabling people to discover your brand’s physical presence.
  • Cost-effective. There are many ways to advertise a business; some are more effective than others. For example, billboards and TV ads are undoubtedly great advertisement tools. Nonetheless, they are much more expensive and not as durable as a sign. Outdoor signage is a marketing tool that is working for your business 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you are open or not, what time of the day is, or which day of the week, you will have a fantastic advertising campaign all year long. The key is to keep it consistent. Design your sign with the same colors, patterns, and images as the rest of your brand. That way, when the public sees your sign, it will immediately recognize your product or service.
  • Location. Especially for small businesses, the need for a guidepost to the building’s position can be the difference between commercial success or not. Even if your store is not small, your customers will take some time to know where you are located if it’s new. Despite the GPS, a business sign is irreplaceable when it comes to customers finding your specific location.
  • Special Occasions. Business signs can also be utilized to advertise or promote special occasions and events.


Whether to build your brand awareness, entice the public, connect with your customers, and advertise your location, business signs should be one of your top priorities to promote your product or service.