With businesses opening back up to the public after long periods of pandemic lockdown, it’s important for owners to set expectations when it comes to employee and customer behavior. These social distancing signs are intended for businesses that are determined to provide a safe environment for returning staff and guests in compliance with CDC recommendations. By posting these signs throughout your business, you can gain greater control over your store, your office, your school, your warehouse, and any other organization you may be in charge of. With these signs, you can send a message to customers that you are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of illness at your workplace.

Effective Reminders

Though Americans have been living under the rules of the pandemic for many months, it is all too easy for us to momentarily forget the recommendations. As more people get vaccinated and the world begins to let its guard down again, this problem is sure to persist. By posting social distancing signs, you are giving your customers, workers, and visitors an effective reminder that they must maintain a 6-foot distance from each other at all times. Most people will gladly comply with this standard when reminded of it; it is only when it slips their mind that problems start.

Ease the Burden on Your Staff

We’ve all seen the headlines. Employees have gotten into (sometimes violent) confrontations with belligerent customers who refuse to wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines. As a business owner, you may have even encountered this scenario yourself. By posting clear and conspicuous social distancing signs, you can ease the burden on your staff and make it easier for them to get back to their jobs. You don’t need them policing COVID protocols; you need them making sales and being productive.

Distance Markers

In addition to social distancing signs that outline your expectations, it may also be a wise idea to purchase specific markers for floor and wall use. These markers should be placed six feet away from each other, telling customers exactly where they should stand when waiting to check out. These markers can be used in conjunction with directional arrows in a retail space; some business owners use these arrows to keep in-store traffic flowing in one direction, thus avoiding the potential for run-ins and other violations of the social distancing guidelines.

Provide Comfort for Customers

Enforcing coronavirus protocols at your business puts you in between a rock and a hard place. If you do nothing, you will risk turning off customers who don’t believe they will be safe at your establishment. If you do too much, you risk angering customers who aren’t keen on wearing masks and adhering to restrictions. Where you strike this delicate balance will depend on your personal sensibilities and the makeup of your clientele.

In many cases – especially as the pandemic winds down – it is best to take the middle path: Put out social distancing signs, make your mask policy clear, and then allow your guests to make their own decisions without further interference. The signs available here can take enforcement out of your hands while still providing all of your customers with the comfort they need to feel good about shopping at your establishment.