Hand washing is essential, no matter where you work.

  • In retail stores: To avoid smearing or to taint the merchandise.
  • In offices: to keep a clean, innocuous environment and help avoid diseases easily spread in a confined place.
  • In restaurants. Washing one´s hands become crucial to ensure your parishioners do not get food poisoning or stomach infection. If you are a customer, the same rule applies.
  • Hospitals. Its relevance is even higher in such industries, such as healthcare and hospitality, to avoid massive contagion.

The easiest, most effective way to stop germs, viruses, and bacteria from spreading is by washing your hands.

The importance of handwashing should not be underestimated. Our hands are the leading carriers for bacteria, dirt, and viruses –and we use them all day long! Since our hands come in contact with many surfaces throughout the day, filthy hands represent a health risk per se. Without proper handwashing, it would be very easy for something harmful to enter our bodies or spread elsewhere, called cross-contamination.

For example, people working at a hospital may come in contact with food that carries harmful pathogens. If that person´s hands are not clean, these harmful microorganisms can spread through the food and later enter a patient´s body. On the other hand, healthcare personnel may work around patients who carry viruses and infections. If they don’t follow the correct hand washing procedure, they could accidentally pass these onto other patients. Even if we are not talking about a healthcare facility, anywhere where people move during the day –such as an office –represents a risky environment.

The top way to prevent diseases is by washing our hands after using the restroom. Our Hand Wash signs are much more than reminders. With our signs, you can:

  • Remind personnel, co-workers, and visitors or clients of the need to wash one´s hands.
  • Indicate people where a handwashing station is located.
  • Remind them –or teach them –the steps to correctly wash their hands.