15 Types of Sign Letters Every Business Should Consider

If you have an eye for design and a desire to turn your business signage into the envy of the marketplace, the letters found at American Sign Company can truly transform your company’s aesthetic in ways that drive customer engagement to the next level. While there are many effective ways to market your business, it’s important to remember that business signage is ground zero. Not only can terrific business signage draw people in from off the street, it gives would-be customers a “first look” at what your business is all about. You know what they say about a first impression, right? Well, with the letters found here on the site, you can ensure that your first impression is unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase sign letters from American Sign Company?
— We strive to combine two of the rarest features in the sign industry with all of our products: Affordability and quality. There’s not a product on our site that fails to meet these standards, which is why we’ve grown to become one of the country’s #1 stops for business signage.

What kinds of businesses can benefit from using these sign letters?
— The sky’s the limit! We have customers from across the business spectrum. Indeed, even using the word “business” is too limiting. Our letters have been used in retail stores, restaurants, libraries, government buildings, high schools, universities, residential neighborhoods, banks, and so much more. We even have customers who want nothing more or less than high-quality signs and monograms for their home decor. If you have any need whatsoever for fine-looking signs, you’ll find what you need right here.

What kinds of letters can I buy?
— Every business has its own unique take on style, and every one of our customers has a particular budget to work within. That’s why we carry a wide array of different materials, from which you can choose from an even larger selection of fonts, sizes, and thicknesses. We’re going to get deeper into the many letter variations in just a moment, but for now, let’s hear from Betty Guardino of Design Enthusiasts Group, an industry collective for professionals in construction, architecture, and marketing.

“A common mistake many upstart entrepreneurs make is to put all of their focus on advertising and virtually none on making sure their business looks great,” Guardino tells us. “The wise business owner will strike a balance, so that potential customers won’t be turned off when they pull up to the building. A customer’s business can be won or lost in the margins, so no company can afford to skimp on the details.”

Now that we know the importance of excellent business signage, let’s get to the meat of the matter. These 15 types of sign letters are all available at affordable prices from American Sign Company. Each of them has its own unique benefits to the homeowner or business owner looking to turn their decor into a memorable one. We encourage you to look at the pros and cons of each material and decide what’s best for your application. It could be that the sign of your dreams is only a click away!

Acrylic Letters
For the business owner looking for flexibility and options, acrylic letters can be just the ticket. “Some letters are better for home decor and others fit more easily into a business context,” Guardino says. “But acrylic letters ride that middle line, and they can be used in just about any context imaginable – wonderfully, I might add! The design professionals I work with are usually big fans of acrylic.”

Acrylic letters are especially popular with those who want the look and feel of glass but without the disadvantages that come along with using that material. Glass is, of course, both expensive and fragile – which isn’t always the best combination when you’re talking about business signage. The polymer material used to create acrylic letters mimics glass in many ways, giving you that unmistakable clarity in combination with the lightweight durability found in acrylic. A wonderful choice for the discerning business owner.

Aluminum Letters
Aluminum signage is, in many ways, the backbone of the commercial design industry. If you find someone who looks down on aluminum, chances are you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. “Aluminum is extraordinarily versatile,” Guardino confides. “Laymen may associate aluminum with cheap yard signs, but professionals in the industry know that a thin, lightweight sign that comes packed with plenty of hidden strength, aluminum is the way to go.”

In addition to its remarkable durability, aluminum is also one of the most cost-effective materials you can find in the realm of business signage. And when used in conjunction with the beautiful colors and fonts (to say nothing of the various thicknesses you can choose from) available on the American Sign Company site, you can use these letters to create stunning signs that look as though they cost 10X their actual price. Great looks for the cost-conscious budget–what’s not to love?

Brass Letters
Radiant. Golden. Durable beyond expectations. These are the traits that brass letters embody, making them the go-to choice for any design master who wants an affordable alternative to real gold. These letters connote class and elegance in a way that no other signage can, and they will make any business or organization stand out – especially when the sun shines in just the right way off their glittering exterior. Brass letters are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, so if you’re looking to carry a theme all the way through your building, this is not a bad way to accomplish it.

“Occasionally, we’ll get a client who wants to create a sign out of gold, and 9 times out of 10, we’ll steer them in the direction of brass,” says Guardino. “Gold is not very practical when it comes to business signage. It doesn’t hold up all that well in the elements, and it can tend to look washed out in a real-world environment. It makes for fantastic jewelry, don’t get me wrong! But for signs? We’ll choose brass every time.”

Bronze Letters
When corporations are looking for fine, elegant sign letters they can use to denote a certain kind of timeless class, they often look to bronze as the material of choice. But these letters aren’t limited to their high-rise applications, by any means. They have been used to incredible effect by government buildings, prestigious universities, financial institutions, and many other organizations that want a touch of historical, classic aesthetic to reflect their reputation for elite elegance. Bronze lettering was once one of the most popular business signage materials in the country, but its relatively higher cost these days has turned it into a relative rarity. According to Betty Guardino, that just makes it all the more attractive.

“It’s hard to stand out from the competition in today’s fast-paced market,” she says. “Even with all the effects in the world – lighting, neon, and so forth – there’s only so much you can do with your signage to convey that you’re somehow different from everyone else. That’s why we like to recommend bronze letters to clients looking to make a splash. They really do make a unique impact, and that can easily translate to competitive success.”

Cast Aluminum Letters
Business owners and design experts choose aluminum when they want a lightweight alternative to other, heavier metals. And when you want to combine those benefits with a moveable, easily-transportable signage solution that is simple to install, cast aluminum letters can often be the perfect product. They are also inherently modern in their aesthetic appeal, which makes them an ideal choice for the homeowner who wants something slick and trendy with which to decorate their walls. Whether you’re interested in creating a beautiful business sign or a stunning monogram, cast aluminum letters can help you achieve desirable results.

Cast Bronze Letters
Durability is the name of the game when you’re talking about cast bronze letters. A robust alloy made from copper and tin, bronze gives you metal signage that will stand up in even the worst weather conditions. If you’re concerned that other sign materials will fail in the inclement weather where your store or organization resides, you might want to choose cast bronze letters. With the possible exception of stainless steel, no other metal alloy gives you the strength and durability of this option. Of course, the fact that it is also impeccably beautiful is a fairly significant bonus!

Copper Letters
With its fiery shine and long-lasting durability, copper letters have recently become one of the most popular options for business owners who want a unique spin on traditional signage. The copper letters found at American Sign Company are designed using a chemical etch process that makes customization a cinch, so you’ll always be able to get the full array of fonts and shapes needed to express your branding in a positive and memorable way. The natural glow of copper is a match for just about any lighting scenario as well, so you won’t need to worry about your sign getting washed out under fluorescents or the brightness of the midday sun.

“Much of what I said about bronze holds true for copper,” says Guardino. “It’s a great choice for any business that wants to separate itself from the competition. We especially like these letters for businesses located in malls or busy shopping districts, where the need to stand out is among the top priorities.”

Galvanized Letters
With their rustic decorative coating that turns ordinary metal into a durable solution for the ages, galvanized letters are among the most popular signage options for business owners across the country. These letters embody the most up-to-date trends in both home and commercial decoration, so if you want to make sure your business reflects these trends, you’ll want to avail yourself of your choices in this category. We can’t help but recommend these letters to any business that has a unique flair and an eye for style. The silvery shine imparted by these letters is also right in line with the latest trends in color, so if you haven’t given much thought to the construction-grade strength of galvanization, now might be a great time to expand your horizons!

Metal Letters
Two or three decades ago, you might have been hard-pressed to find a company that would recommend metal letters for your home or business decoration needs. Times have changed, though, and metal letters are now all the rage! Thanks to the rise of country chic, metal signage is extraordinarily popular in the interior decoration world, and the extraordinary range of finishes available makes it a common element of many DIY crafts as well. Of course, none of this takes away from their preeminent spot in the world of business signage, where they remain among the most supreme options.

“Metal letters can be used in so many ways and to so many different effects, that it’s hard to imagine the client that wouldn’t at least consider using them in a business application,” says Guardino. “Just look at places like Pinterest or the business design blogs – you’ll see that metal letters are here to stay in a big way.”

Minnesota Letters
When you want one of the most state-of-the-art signage solutions on the market today, you want the injection-molded product known popularly as Minnesota Letters. Affordably priced in comparison to metal, Minnesota letters can mimic the look and appearance of that otherwise incomparable material in ways that defy belief. If you’re a budget-minded business owner who wants metal signage but can’t quite bear to part with the cash it takes to create a good one, these should be your next stop on the shopping train. Trust us – very few customers will ever be able to tell the difference!

Plastic Letters
Whether you’re looking for bendable letters you can use to decorate your street-facing marquee, letters that you can create fun logos with for a new interior look, or a grand business sign that will attract customer attention like nothing else, plastic letters are a fine solution.

Plastic letters are an astute investment for any budget-minded business owner,” says Guardino. “They are typically far more affordable right off the shelf, and those initial savings will keep paying off in the long run. Why? Because unlike some other signage materials, these letters require almost no upkeep and maintenance to stay beautiful for years!”

Stainless Steel Letters
Stainless steel is one of the most versatile and long-lasting products we sell at American Sign Company. They also just happen to be some of the most popular signage products in the industry today. Our stainless steel letters are crafted from precision-cut plates that deliver the finest artistic products you can find in the signage sector. These beauties are stunning on their own; when combined with the right lighting, however, they shine in a way that brings them (and, by extension, your business) to the next level. Of course, these letters are also impervious to corrosion, which makes them a wise investment for any business owner looking for a sign that lasts.

Steel Letters
As a company based in the United States that sells only 100% American-made products, we’re always proud of any signage that carries forth that domestic, somehow patriotic tradition of this country’s finest metals. And when you’re talking about American metals, how can you not mention steel? This country was built with steel, and it continues to play a very big role in the foundational strength of our buildings. From warehouses to metropolitan skyscrapers, steel is the material that keeps the country standing strong. When you use it to create your business sign, you’re tapping into that proud tradition, and it will not go unnoticed by your customers.

Vinyl Letters
Flexibility, thy name is vinyl! With vinyl letters, you can create signage perfect for so many different applications. Store signs, yes, but also event promotion, on-the-go banners, sports marketing, sale promotion, and much more. And if you’re worried about durability, don’t be. These letters are surprisingly strong, and with some reasonable care, they should last you a long time under even adverse conditions. We’re not selling the cheap vinyl letters you might find at your local party store, mind you – these are premium, professional-quality letters that are meant for the discerning business owner. Don’t settle for less!

Wooden Letters
Minimalism is one of the hottest trends in the business design industry right now, and that’s one of the reasons that wooden letters have made such an extraordinary comeback in recent years. These letters give you a kind of simple professionalism that you can’t quite match with any other material.

“Wood really is unique,” says Guardino. “And don’t think that you have to own an old country store or a lumber liquidator to use a wooden sign – I have high-end fashion retailers who can’t get enough of these letters. If you want to be on the cutting edge of modern design, you could definitely do worse.”

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