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Often confused with the Do Not Enter sign, the Wrong Way sign is not one you want to encounter on the roadways. With a Do Not Enter sign, you’re getting an advanced warning that tells you not to drive on a particular road. When you pass a Wrong Way sign, however, you are already in violation of the traffic flow. You’re traveling against traffic, and it is incumbent upon you to immediately stop, turn around, and drive in the correct direction. Serious head-on collisions and other accidents can result when Wrong Way signs are ignored. Post them along the highway to improve driver safety and give wayward motorists the chance to recalculate.

Wrong Way Sign or Do Not Enter Sign: Which Do I Use?
You may still wonder if a Wrong Way Sign or a Do Not Enter Sign is more appropriate for a particular section of the roadway. If you are planning to post a sign at a junction where drivers could easily turn the wrong way on a divided highway, move in the wrong direction down a one-way street, or improperly enter a ramp against traffic, you should post a Do Not Enter Sign. Typically, you will want to post your Wrong Way Sign further down the roadway from the original Do Not Enter Sign. This informs drivers that they are already traveling in the wrong direction and gives them a clear warning that they need to correct course.

Wrong Way Signs Can Help Save Lives
With the possible exception of intoxication and other forms of reduced capability, few things are more dangerous on the highway than drivers traveling in the wrong direction. Head-on collisions are the most fatal accidents in the U.S., and it is your responsibility as a traffic manager to do everything in your power to eliminate them. By posting Wrong Way Signs, you are sending a powerful and bold message. When drivers see these signs, they know automatically that they have messed up – big time! Very few drivers are willfully engaging in risky, illegal, and reckless behavior. Sometimes they just need a little hint.

Why Do Drivers Go Against Traffic?
There are several reasons that drivers may find themselves traveling in the wrong direction against traffic. Drunk driving is a common reason; alcohol impairs judgment and lowers alertness levels. Drivers in an unfamiliar area and looking desperately for directions may accidentally turn down the wrong road, searching for their destination. But one of the biggest reasons drivers commit this dangerous violation: Lack of proper signage. A motorist cannot be expected to obey messages that aren’t there! By posting visible Wrong Way Signs, you give these drivers the information they need to make (much) better decisions.

Make Your Roadways Safer
Every year, as many as 300 Americans are killed due to accidents caused by wrong way driving. By posting up these signs, you are doing your part to bring those statistics down – or at least not contribute to their inflation. Buy Wrong Way Signs today to make your roadways safer.