Watch Your Step Sign

Statistics show that falls are the number one cause of accidents within the premises of a business. Employee or customer falls account for the vast majority of reported work accidents. These can range from minor slips to permanent injuries and death. Avoid injuries and legal issues by placing Watch your step signs strategically in the needed areas. Workplace trip hazards in warehouses or construction areas are everyday issues that need to be carefully handled to avoid falls, mishaps, and unnecessary visitor or employee injuries. These may not seem like serious issues, but without the proper precautions, you could be held liable in the event of an accident.

We carry a wide variety of Watch your Step signs and other cautionary signage that will help warn employees and visitors of hazardous areas. Our Floor Signs or a Watch Your Step Sign will mark off trip hazards walk areas. Our Watch Your Step Signs come in many styles and sizes with bright images and will not be missed. Don’t put people at risk or hurt your company by causing an accident. Order your Watch your step signs right away!

Placing watch your step signs around your premises can prepare employees and visitors for uneven floors or steps they might not notice. Some irregular and uneven floors can’t be seen until it’s too late, and now a worker has tripped or fallen and is injured. Watch your steps signs can reduce those accidents by alerting people before they get to those hazardous areas.
We are the experts in helping you caution people to walk and not run, step up, watch their step, use handrails, and to be extra careful in general. Our watch your step signs can do a lot to reduce the number of injuries and accidents at your facility. These watch your step signs are affordable and made from durable materials and will help you effectively alert people to floor conditions for many years.

Watch your step signs help keep your facility’s accident-free and protect your workers by warning employees of a possible hazard. In fast-paced, worksite settings, it’s easy to forget about the hazards present at every turn. Uneven surfaces, slippery floors, abrupt drop-offs—all of these dangers are commonplace in industrial facilities. Visual cues like “Caution: Watch Your Step” signs remind workers and visitors to slow down and be aware of where they walk.

These signs come in various sizes and colors and are available with different messaging. Many of them come with OSHA-compliant headings, signal words, symbols, and designs. Wall signs are available in several materials, including PVC, aluminum, and adhesive-backed vinyl, so you can select the material that will work best in your facility’s environment.

Keep your facility accident-free. Search through our extensive catalog for the many options we offer. Please remember our products are customizable; you may add, change, or modify the verbiage and images according to your needs and preferences.