Waiting Room Signs

Whether you’re running a busy psychiatrist’s office, a medical clinic, a hospital, or any other business where people schedule appointments, you have to include a waiting room in your schematics to give your customers/patients/clients a place to sit while they wait for their appointed time. It’s best to mark this room clearly and obviously so that you don’t waste your receptionist’s time with repeated, avoidable questions from the clientele. We’ve assembled a collection of bold and clear Waiting Room signs you can use to simply and easily direct guests to the correct area.

Our Waiting Room signs are

– Vibrant and clear

– Eye-catching

– Affordable

– Easy to install

– Ready to be shipped out upon order

Excellent for Medical Offices

If you’re in charge of purchasing for a medical clinic or doctor’s office, you’ll find these waiting room signs to be effective in providing patients with clear and precise guidelines upon their arrival. Our signs are designed to fit into any contemporary décor, giving your office a consistent look throughout every room. This consistency and design scheme not only adds professionalism to your space, it gives peace of mind to your patients as they wait for their appointments.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

It’s all too easy to dismiss the importance of something as seemingly-insignificant as a waiting room sign, right? What’s the big deal? You might as well write it with a marker on a ripped sheet of notebook paper! Well, you may understand why THAT would be ill-advised, but are you taking the time to make sure that your waiting room signs are consistent with your branding. That’s important – no matter what the nature of your business might be. That’s why we offer a number of colors, fonts, and styles; you can choose the ones that blend in well with your existing scheme.

Provide Information to Guests

Waiting room signs are about more than simply telling your guests where to sit. On our site, you’ll find a number of informative, colorful signs that you can display in the waiting room for guests to peruse. These signs will make your visitors feel more at ease, give them something to read as they watch the minutes tick by, and prepare them for their appointment. Sometimes the smallest things can mean the difference between a positive and negative experience.

The Three Elements of Waiting Room Design

According to design experts, there are three important elements that make up a great waiting room: Cleanliness, comfort, and fun. By choosing the right waiting room signs, you can augment these elements to ensure that your guests have a nice experience as they await their scheduled appointments. Direct children to games and toys. Mark out areas for social distancing and restrooms. Place signage that welcomes the guest to take a seat in one of your comfy chairs. If you can get all of these elements right, you’ll be less likely to face angry visitors when their appointment is delayed!