Suggestion Box Sign

Make it easy for guests and workers to make suggestions. Suggestion Box Signs make it easy for you to pick up new ideas and help improve service. Our Suggestion box signs encourage everyone to participate.

Why have a suggestion box in the workplace?

For companies looking to improve employee engagement, a suggestion box can be invaluable, especially if employees can retain anonymity. Suggestion boxes provide employees an outlet for them to express their concerns and comment about working conditions, processes, benefits, and even about the rest of their peers. They can also make suggestions to improve their organization’s profitability. More than often, the best solutions to a problem come from employees; unfortunately, their voices are not always properly heard.

A suggestion box makes employees feel more involved in their companies. Suggestion boxes boost employee morale, especially when suggestions are implemented or concerns are addressed. A suggestion box in the workplace can offer many benefits, including:

• Improved communication between management and employees
• Increased innovation and problem-solving
• Enhanced employee engagement and morale

A great suggestion box helps employees feel engaged and encourages innovation. The success of a suggestion box depends on whether you follow some basic steps, such as the following:

• Sell the idea to management. Explain to your superiors why you think a suggestion box would positively impact your workplace. Mention it is one of the best practices adopted by thriving companies.
• Make a plan. When presenting the idea to your superiors and subordinates, make sure you have a list of things you intend to achieve with the suggestion box.
• Create the guidelines and rules to provide suggestions and handle them. Explain in detail how often suggestions should be submitted and reviewed. Assign who will be in charge of retrieving and reviewing the suggestions. Design the steps to implement the approved changes.
• Set up the box. How you collect feedback will depend on the size of your company and available resources. Ensure the box it’s accessible to all employees. To protect their privacy, put a lock on the box. Only those in charge of reviewing suggestions should have access to the key.
• Announce and promote the box. Our suggestion box signs are the ideal way to announce the box to your employees. Aside from pointing where the suggestion box is, our signs can include the following information:
 Why you value employee feedback and comments.
 Incentives for winning proposals.
 A few guidelines, such as the request for constructive criticism.

The last step for a successful and effective suggestion box is to implement the winning suggestions. This way, your employees will feel valued.

We offer a wide variety of suggestion box signs. You can customize them and add the information you consider pertinent. Improve your processes and keep your employees happy with a suggestion box accompanied by an eye-catching sign.