A stop sign is one of the most important traffic control devices in widespread use today. These signs tell drivers that they must come to a complete halt at an intersection, a stop line, a crosswalk, or any other scenario where it is appropriate to stop and become aware of one’s surroundings. These signs are also commonly used to provide places for pedestrians to cross the street and to allow cars on intersecting roads to take the right of way. It’s easy to imagine what would become of our roads if stop signs were suddenly a thing of the past. If you’re in charge of maintaining and controlling private roads – or even public streets – you can use Stop Signs from American Sign Company to effectively rein in traffic and get your roadways flowing smoothly.

Our Stop Signs Meet Regulatory Requirements
The regulatory requirements for Stop Signs and other traffic signage are detailed in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD. When shopping for signage that will govern roadways, even on private property, it pays to familiarize yourself with the standards outlined in that manual. However, when it comes to stop signs in particular, you can simply shop here at American Sign Company, where all of our signs are designed to comply with the MUTCD. This compliance includes reflective coating, octagonal shape, and red backgrounds that alert drivers to the importance of the message. Shop with confidence, and put your signs up knowing that you’ve chosen the right vendor for your roadway needs.

Am I Authorized to Install a Stop Sign?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, and the answer is…it depends. We encourage all private property owners to contact their local traffic authorities to make sure they are in full compliance with MUTCD guidelines. Not only will this prevent unnecessary fines and trouble down the line, but you can avoid the simple mistakes that cities and professional traffic control experts have learned to avoid:

• Putting up too many stop signs
• Placing them at confusing intersections
• Other common traffic control errors

If you put up signs without this input, you may find that they don’t work as well as you intended. That doesn’t make them ineffective or pointless, but it does detract from their purpose.

Law Enforcement
Unfortunately, purchasing these Stop Signs will not automatically grant you the authority or the right to enforce traffic laws if you’re putting them on private roadways or parking lot intersections. Ordinarily, law enforcement gives little to no weight to private stop signs when writing up tickets or otherwise attempting to enforce the law. That said, there are some instances where private property owners work hand in hand with the police to place stop signs just as they would be placed if they were on the public streets. If there is an agreement beforehand, you may be able to have officers give violators tickets even if they are on your property. Check with your local law enforcement agency to see if this option is available.