Even with the judicious use of speed limit signs and other cautionary messages, you won’t always be able to prevent speed demons from racing up and down your property and private roadways. Unfortunately, these speeders can pose a threat to pedestrians, other vehicles, your workers, and your customers. To let the situation go unchecked is to invite tragedy. Instead of assuming that you’ve done everything you can do, consider implementing speed humps that force traffic to slow down. These humps have proven to be extremely effective in slowing drivers down and creating a safer environment for everyone.

If you’ve already built the speed humps, it’s now your responsibility to let drivers know what to expect. You don’t want to give them a nasty surprise! They deserve a clear warning about the impediment to come; you can provide that warning with our bold, heavy-duty Speed Hump signs. In combination with the humps themselves, these signs will restore order to your parking lot and private roads in ways that speed limit postings by themselves cannot. When you’re ready to get serious about slowing down your local traffic, these Speed Hump signs will be your greatest weapon.

Speed Bumps and Speed Humps: A Critical Difference
While you can find Speed Bump signs on our site, it’s critical to know the difference between various traffic calming devices. A speed bump is typically higher off the ground and rougher on a car’s suspension. A speed hump has a lower, larger build that almost functions as a small hill for the vehicle to traverse. Which one you use will depend on the maximum speeds you want to see in the area. For very slow speeds (5 mph, for instance), speed bumps can do the trick. For somewhat faster allowable speeds (15 to 25 mph), you can use speed humps to get the job done. Use our Speed Hump signs to clarify to drivers what they should expect.

Can You Put a Speed Hump on Your Property?
As we often mention, we have customers from across the business, industry, and government spectrum. They sometimes ask us if a private property owner can add traffic calming devices to their roadways. While speed humps are usually seen on public streets, they are not uncommon on private property. We encourage any property owner to check with the city and county to make sure no special permits are required. When seeking permission, make sure to mention that you’ll be posting clear Speed Hump signs to alert drivers to their presence. This could be a deciding factor.

When Speed Limits Aren’t Enough
Generally speaking, traffic experts say that the best speed control measures result from intelligent roadway design and boldly posted speed limit signage. That said, you may have little control over the design of your roadways, and you may have found that drivers are ignoring the posted speed limits. In these instances, speed humps can be an effective way to bring speeds down and restore safety to your roads. With bright, clear Speed Hump signs, you can finally get the driver compliance you’ve been looking for.