Slippery When Wet Signs

Some roads are more prone to freezing than others. In particular, roads that part from the ground (bridges being the most obvious example) tend to freeze quickly when exposed to temperatures under 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to let motorists know that they may be facing treacherous conditions if it has recently rained, and you can do that best with one of these Slippery When Wet signs from American Sign Company. These signs, when properly placed, can serve as a warning to drivers, allowing them to adjust their speed and caution according to the environmental conditions. It’s always better to give drivers a heads-up than to assume they will do so without prompting. With these Slippery When Wet signs, you can reduce accidents, protect the guardrails, and perhaps even save lives.

Slow Down Traffic

Icy conditions are exceptionally dangerous even when the motorist is completely aware of the hazards. Even a driver moving at ultra-slow speeds can run into trouble when his tires lose direct contact with the road. Those drivers moving at normal highway speeds (or above) can put themselves and others in extreme danger if they move through an icy stretch of road. The Slippery When Wet signs you buy here at American Sign Company can help you mitigate these dangers. By posting them in advance of the potentially dangerous road, you’re giving motorists all the opportunity they need to take their feet off their accelerators, slow down, and pay strict attention to the drive. Sometimes, that’s all you need to separate safe passage from disaster.

Parking Lots and Stores

Slippery When Wet signs are typically associated with highways and public roads, but they can also be of invaluable use to private property owners. If you own a store, for instance, where employees regularly mop the floor, you can use one of these signs to point out the dangers to customers. This can prevent slipping accidents, which cost retail companies an enormous amount of money in litigation and insurance prices each year. Medical bills resulting from slip-and-fall accidents cost Americans more than $30 billion annually, and if one of these accidents happens in your store, you could wind up on the hook for the damages. What better way to prevent such a financial disaster than to put up an inexpensive Slippery When Wet sign and keep your customers safe?

Affordable and Effective

Most of our Slippery When Wet signs are painted in the traditional colors associated with highway caution signs: Bright yellow background and black, block text over top. Many of them are accompanied by illustrations that aid in visibility as well as communication. You can purchase all of these signs for less than you would pay to a major transportation outlet, and certainly for less than you would pay in litigation fees in the event of an accident. For an affordable price, you can get the effective signage you need for your roads or your business – right here at American Sign Company. Thanks for stopping by!