School Zone Sign

With appropriate School Zone Signs, you can create a safe and controlled environment that protects young students. These signs are an effective and essential part of improving the safety of any school area by giving drivers all the information they need to exercise caution and adjust their speeds. By using a simple School Zone sign, you’re giving all motorists a clear message: Raise your alertness levels and prepare to stop at any upcoming crosswalks. By implementing additional signage, you can lower speed limits, keep cars out of school bus lanes, bar certain possessions (guns, cigarettes, etc.), and mandate that vehicles stop at certain times and places.

Effective and Common School Zone Signs
School Zone signs aren’t just a specific type of regulatory signage; they encompass an entire category of traffic control messages that a school can use to improve the safety of the area. Some of the most effective and common signs used in school zones include crosswalk signs, no parking signs, gun free zone signs, tobacco free zone signs, speed limit signs, and others. When used in combination, these signs promote driver awareness and cut down on accident frequency. If needed, a school may decide to implement additional devices such as flashing lights, speed bumps, crossing guards, and even an active law enforcement presence.

Other School Zone Signs include:

— Parking Signs: Labeled with either the word “parking” or a bold letter P, these signs direct parents and visitors to the correct parking lot, helping to avoid confusion and keep passenger cars out of the way of buses during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

— Speed Bump Signs: Traffic authorities often use speed bumps to enforce safe speeds in a school zone. The responsible use of speed bumps includes warning drivers of what they are about to encounter.

— Stop Signs: These signs are used in permanent and temporary varieties to show drivers where they must stop inside the school zone. Crossing guards will usually have a hand-help stop sign of some kind when directing the flow of traffic and ushering kids through the crosswalk.

— When Lights Are Flashing Signs: Many school zones use special speed limit signs in effect “when lights are flashing.” These active signs will have yellow lights that flash at specific points in the day – usually in the early morning hours and in the afternoon dismissal periods. Drivers can ignore these special speed limits when the lights are dormant, but they must slow down considerably when they are flashing.

Reduce Accidents
School Zone signs are an essential part of restoring order on the roadways outside a school, reducing the number of (and severity of) accidents that may occur in the streets, and maximize child safety as they go to and from the school each day. Count on American Sign Company to provide high-quality School Zone signs that can help you make your school zone the safest it can be.