School signs provide key means of communication between the community and the school –these include teachers, students, parents, and the town in general. An effective school sign is engaging, attention-grabber, and effective to advertise fundraisers, announce events, enhance school pride, and so much more!

We provide the highest-quality school signs. Our school signs come in a wide variety, sizes, shapes, and colors and are the ideal addition to any learning area or school. You may use them for safety notifications, instructions, announcements, and so much more. You may also use our school signs to identify where the restrooms or the cafeteria are located. Other applications include simple instructions such as a “No running” sign for a corridor. Our school signs can also be used outdoor to reserve parking spots for staff and teachers, remind drivers of slowing down, etc.

School signs come in all shapes and forms and can have many applications such as:

• Childcare signs. Introduce your amazing childcare facility to your community with a creative, colorful, bright school sign. A fantastic sign can include a special message and can be set inside or outside.
• Anti-Bullying signs. School staffers must stay on top of important messaging opportunities. Every time a student passes by a specific point, there´s a tiny window of opportunity to convey a meaningful message and teach a valuable lesson. Remind your students of the school values by hanging diverse school signs aimed to stop bullying, create a friendly environment, motivate inclusion, etc.
• Directional signs. If proper signage is important in other businesses and organizations, indicating where everything is primordial at a school! Students, staff, and visitors need to know their way around your premises. This will avoid confusion, accidents, and tardiness. A well-thought and designed school sign shows everyone your school is a professional, organized and clear signal.
• Front of school signs. These traditional, useful signs indicate where your school is and introduce it to the community. You can include a statement or a special message pertinent to an upcoming holiday or event.
• Map sings. Indispensable for contractors, visitors, and other people not familiar with the layout.
• Door Signs. Plentiful and unified door signage looks professional and is a practical help to those attending or visiting your school.
• Foyer Signs. These signs complement other signage around the school environment and have a practical application of letting people know how to find places in your school.

All of our school signs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also choose material and the method for mounting, setting them.

Do not miss the opportunity to advertise your school or convey an important message to your students. We have many templates ready for you to select. Or you can start from scratch and design your own school sign. Informational, useful, and engaging, our school signs are what you´ve been looking for!