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When workers perform construction or other road repairs, they can be put into a hazardous situation that creates risks for both them and drivers moving through the area. Heavy machinery, broken pavement, oil, high water pressure, and many other factors can imperil motorists and turn a construction zone into a haven for tire destruction and serious accidents. From the workers’ perspective, the threat of being hit by a car is always present. You can help reduce the danger of these areas with a Road Work Ahead sign that warns drivers to slow down, pay attention, and be ready to follow further instructions.

Provide Ample Warning
Highway authorities sometimes make a crucial mistake when posting construction signs: Not giving motorists enough advanced warning. Drivers are, as a rule, distracted by their thoughts, preoccupied with getting to their destination, and often experiencing some degree of irritation due to others in traffic. They are not necessarily in the alert frame of mind needed to notice that conditions have changed. By posting Road Work Ahead signs well in advance of the actual construction, you have a much better chance of getting their attention. This gives them time to adjust their driving and prepare to stop or take a detour.

Temporary Signs
Unlike many of the road signs we sell here at American Sign Company, Road Work Ahead Signs are not meant to go up permanently. In fact, when you fail to take these signs down upon completion of the work, you are deteriorating their overall effectiveness. Drivers will begin to realize that this signage doesn’t always mean that there is actual construction in progress down the road. They will feel empowered to ignore the signs or at least adopt a wait-and-see attitude towards the warning. This is a perilous situation for workers, drivers, and the integrity of your traffic control methods. Preserve the trust by taking Road Work Ahead Signs down immediately after construction is finished.

Warn of Work Being Done on the Shoulder
In some cases, Road Work Ahead signs are used to prepare drivers to stop, change lanes, or take a complete detour around the construction site. On other occasions, however, the construction is not taking place on the actual road itself; it is taking place on the shoulder. In these cases, drivers may be able to proceed along their usual route – just with far more attention and care than usual. Speed is the biggest concern here, and traffic authorities will often post special reduced limits throughout the construction zone.

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