Private Road Signs

How can you prevent the general public from making use of your private road? It’s not always easy for property owners to enforce their rights, especially if you live in a jurisdiction that gives greater weight to the needs of the municipality. But even if you can’t always count on the local police to help you enforce those rights, you can take matters into your own hands to the furthest extent possible. Putting up clear, bold Private Road signs may be enough to limit – or even stop – people from using your property as a shortcut. When used in combination with security cameras, fences, and other deterrents, you will likely find that Private Road signs are your best bet when it comes to limiting vehicular trespassing.

Ignoring Private Road Signs Can Be a Crime
When you put Private Road signs out on your property, you are cloaking yourself in your city’s laws and regulations governing private property. As we noted, of course, some jurisdictions will handle these rights better than others. It’s also important to realize that certain types of private roads (those leading into a supermarket parking lot, to name one example) will automatically be treated as public streets when it comes to trespassing laws. If your private road isn’t part of those exemptions, however, you have the right to have trespassers arrested and prosecuted for violating your warnings.

Can I Block Access to My Road?
It’s always wise to check with local city officials before erecting a barrier that prevents access to your private road. We understand that it’s frustrating when drivers use your road as a shortcut to their destination (or as a path to an area of land they have no business on in the first place), but there may be local regulations that prohibit using a fence or other access deterrents. Nothing, however, should prevent you from posting Private Road signs out by the access point. Even if you can do nothing else, you may be surprised at how singularly effective these signs can be.

Easements: One Special Exception
Let’s say you have a private road. It’s yours; no one is disputing that fact. You’re in charge of its maintenance, and it’s your responsibility to keep it clear and controlled. Unfortunately, you have a neighbor who can only access their property by using your road. In instances like these, the other property owner may have an easement that allows them free use of the road, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even in cases like this, however, you are allowed to put up Private Road signs that at least keep others from following suit.

Effective Private Road Signs
If you’re looking for Private Road signs that get the job done, you’ve come to the right place. At American Sign Company, we have years of experience providing customers with the solutions they need to protect their private property, enforce their rights, and exercise responsible control over their roads and parking lots. Thanks for shopping, and let us know if you have any questions!