Playground Signs

Slides, swings, courts, tracks, and all other areas of a playground need proper signs for a damage-free and careful use.

The Legal Aspect

Thinking about the possibility of a lawsuit resulting from a kid being injured in your playground is not something anyone likes. But accidents happen, and there are legal realities one must face. Have in place the appropriate safety signage will dually help you: first, it will reduce the potential accidents, and second, in case of an injury, you will protect yourself and your park in court. It is all about promoting a safe experience.
There are many types of Playground safety signs, all with their specific purpose:

  •       Supervision Advisory:these are used when adult supervision is needed or recommended. In general terms, a playground is not intended for unsupervised play.
  •       Age, weight, height range of equipment users.From swings to slides and other attractions, manufacturers recommend specific ranges for safe utilization. E.g., a swing intended for toddlers may represent a hazard if a larger kid rides it. Labeling your equipment with age ranges gives the parent clear guidance on whether a particular activity is safe for their child.
  •       Hot surface warnings.Colder states may never have to face these problems, but for those who endure scorching summers, playground gear can become so hot that it can severely burn a child. A hot surface warning label advises the parent or caregiver to test the surfaces of slides, swings, and other equipment before allowing the child to play on them.
  •       Strangulation warnings.Some equipment can be a hazard if combined with loose clothing, necklaces, or straps due to strangulation risk. Proper warning labels advise parents and caregivers to remove any strangulation hazards before allowing the child to play on the equipment.

Playground signs can also be used to specify the park’s rules, regulations, and other types of recommendations. But not all playground signs have to sound gloomy. Signage in parks can also be utilized to tell the park’s story, some cool fun facts, or to thank the donors and founders. Place all safety signs in locations where they are readily visible and where they can alert the viewer in time to take action if needed. They can be affixed to the equipment or posted on free-standing posts within the playground but outside of use zones.

Also, remember to keep trees, bushes, and other plants trimmed so as not to obscure the visibility of your safety signs.

Playground safety is a team effort, and by presenting clear, easy-to-follow safety guidelines, we can help our communities enjoy a safe, engaging experience every time they visit.

Playground signs out to be clear, suited for outdoor installation, and vividly-displayed to attract visitors. A playground sign is both for safety and fun.