Are you dissatisfied with the state of your parking lot? Do you regularly hear complaints from customers about the confusion and mess they encounter when they first arrive at your business? Are you running a school, hospital, or other large organization that requires you to exert firm and precise control over incoming drivers? Cleaning up the mess may not be as challenging as you assumed. A few well-placed Parking Lot Signs can make an enormous difference, right off the bat. You may think that drivers will naturally know “best practices” for a parking lot…since, after all, most people have plenty of experience. Unfortunately, this breaks down in practice for some reason. We don’t need to know why this happens – but we do need to know how to fix it. Our parking lot signs can do just that.

Denote Special Parking Spots
Parking Lot signs serve several different purposes. One of their most important functions is to denote special spaces that are reserved only for particular people. In almost every parking lot, this means setting aside a certain number of near-the-store spaces for disabled parking. But that’s only one of many specific reservations you may need. Other common designations include: Parking for customers only, parking for pick-up orders, short-term parking, parking for police officers, parking for employees only, parking for pregnant women, and more. We sell parking lot signs that cover all of these bases and then some.

Post Speed Limits
It’s important to exercise some level of control over driver speed in your parking lot. Lots are typically limited in space and drivers only have so much room for maneuverability. Add pedestrians to the mix, and the scenario becomes that much more complex. To have drivers on the property who think they are free to turn the lot into their personal racetrack is to invite disaster. It is therefore advisable to post parking lot signs that denote the acceptable speeds. When possible (or necessary), you can combine these signs with speed bumps that discourage reckless driving. Anything you can do to slow down traffic and restore safety to your property is a worthwhile investment.

Durable and Long-Lasting
We wholeheartedly believe in what we just mentioned: Parking lot signs are an essential investment for any business owner who wants to provide a coherent, safe, welcoming space for their incoming guests and customers. That said, it’s not an investment you should need to keep pouring money into year after year. If you need to expand the parking lot, great. If you find problems that you didn’t originally notice, that’s fine. But once you put up your original round of parking lot signs, those specific signs should not need to be purchased again in a couple of years. When you buy from American Sign Company, you can rest assured that you’re buying quality products that will last.