No Stopping Signs

When you drive past school zones, you have probably noticed the most two common signs are “No parking” and “No stopping.” But what do they mean, and what´s their purpose?
A “No stopping sign” means the driver of a vehicle cannot stop at any time on a length of road or in the area where the sign applies. This means not stopping for a minute or a second! These signs are placed in areas where –for safety reasons –stopping is not allowed—for example, the departure or approach to crossings or at intersections.
When cars obstruct the line of sight, then an accident happens. This is particularly true with small children since they are difficult to spot. Line of sight in school is critical; hence the “No stopping sign” becomes an indispensable tool. Failure to comply with these signs translates into fines and demerit points.

Out of most advisory signs, “no stopping signs” are probably the strictest. They state that drivers cannot stop for any reason. This includes waiting inside the car for people to arrive, dropping off or picking up passengers, and loading or unloading merchandise. The only exception will be if a police officer asks the driver to pullover there. Otherwise, violations of this norm are punishable by law.

Another type of these signs is the “No standing” signs, which differ a little bit. It means that it is forbidden to unload and load people in that particular area or spot, not only merchandise. In some states, the law allows you to quickly drop off or pick up people. Nonetheless, you are not allowed to wait for passengers to arrive or move merchandise at the curb.

One of the most important reasons to have “No stopping signs” is to avoid cars obstructing vital lanes such as fire and emergency lanes. These signs remind drivers not to block fire lanes, busy streets, or Double Park.

Another type is a Fire Zone No Parking No Stopping Sign, which has effective messages to address parking procedures and traffic concerns. These signs are an excellent resource to protect the safety and well-being of staff. Eliminating or reducing hazards is the number one priority.

Keep your emergency exits unblocked, keep your employees safe, and help maintain safety around schools and child care facilities by posting and obeying the “No stopping sign.”
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