If you run a business, organization, or public building of a certain size, you may be required by law to post No Parking Fire Lane signs near the building. These signs designate a lane – usually at the outer perimeter of the parking lot – to be used exclusively by first responders in emergencies. By keeping this lane clear, you are avoiding the nasty possibility that fire trucks and ambulances cannot access your building because of a backlog of improper parking. These signs will keep people from parking in that lane, make sure your business is compliant with the local fire codes, and help ensure that your parking lot is a smoothly flowing masterpiece of traffic control.

Give Emergency Vehicles an Unobstructed Pathway
When you have an emergency such as a fire or a medical event, a matter of seconds can mean the difference between life and death. When the fire truck can’t access a water source because cars are parked alongside the building, the flames burn on unimpeded. When the ambulance can’t get close enough to the patient because of impatient drivers, an emergency can become a tragedy. You can avoid all of this by establishing strict rules and setting apart an unobstructed pathway for these vehicles. With a little bit of paint for the pavement and our No Parking Fire Lane signs, you can vastly improve the safety of your business.

Stay in Compliance
The proper posting of No Parking Fire Lane signs is a responsible part of owning a business, but it could also be mandatory. States differ when it comes to the language of the law. Some follow the International Fire Code language while others delineate specific language that signage should include. Check with your local laws and regulations to see what kind of markings your fire lane needs to be in compliance. Once you know the details – the language, the size, the posting locations, etc. – you can use one of the signs you find in our collection to satisfy the criteria. We carry a wide selection, and we’re confident that you’ll be able to find signage that matches your requirements.

Work With Local Law Enforcement
When it comes to many traffic violations on private property, the owner has little recourse in terms of enforcement. The police take a hands-off approach for the most part. However, there are two categories where law enforcement is more than willing to step in: Parking in an ADA space and parking in a fire lane. If someone is parked illegally on your lot (despite the bold No Parking Fire Lane signs you’ve posted), contact the police and inform them of the violation. In many cases, the individual will be ticketed if not towed off the property.