Browse our selection of Maintenance Signs to find signage that warns employees, customers, and guests about equipment that carries some risk of use because it is in need of repair or to close off areas of your business that are currently undergoing construction. These safety signs help you stay in compliance with OSHA standards and serve to keep everyone on the premises protected from harm. In turn, these maintenance signs go a long way towards limiting your liability, and they may even have a beneficial impact on your insurance premiums.

Maintenance Signs for Construction Zones

Whether you’re in charge of a contracting outfit or you’re having construction done at your place of business, it is importance to put up clear and colorful signage that won’t be overlooked by guests. It is critical that everyone who visits your workplace know that there is construction being performed so that they can avoid areas prone to falling debris, accidents, and moving machinery. These maintenance signs can also be used to inform employees where to park when certain areas of the lot are roped off for repair.

Stay in Compliance

Business owners must keep abreast of OSHA regulations and local laws that govern employee and visitor safety. It is particularly important to review these regulations when maintenance is being done on the premises, as there may be special rules in effect that you wouldn’t ordinarily be aware of. By perusing the relevant literature, you can place maintenance signs in the right areas and stay ahead of any impending inspections. A small investment of time and money now could save you thousands in fines if you are caught out of compliance.

Warn of Faulty Equipment

Maintenance signs can also be used to warn employees that certain equipment is on the fritz and should not be used. Or, in the case of equipment that is still in working order but is not completely up to standards, these signs can be used to draw attention to this fact. This way, your workers will know they should exercise additional caution when using the equipment. The same principle goes for elevators that are out of order or in some state of disrepair. You can also use maintenance signs to inform employees and guests about certain areas that are currently undergoing renovation.

Mark Maintenance Areas

In addition to being used as a warning for staff and guests, maintenance signs can also be employed to mark off maintenance areas. For instance, if you have a special garage where maintenance is performed, you can use these signs to designate the space. The same may go for a closet or room where your maintenance supplies are stored. The use of appropriate signage can cut down on needless confusion and thus wasted time. It can also inform customers and visitors that they should avoid the marked area.