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Our collection of Keep Right Signs meet federal regulatory standards to provide you with the best signage available to impart warnings to drivers, implement effective traffic control, and keep your roadways safe. Consider using these signs when you have a location where drivers need to pass to the right of an upcoming obstruction in the street. Often, this obstruction will be a closed lane, a median, or another type of traffic island. When drivers see this sign – whether decorated with the official arrow/median symbol or simply the words “Keep Right” – they will know what they must do next. This helps cut down on traffic confusion, avoid unnecessary collisions, and keep motorists moving smoothly past the obstacle.

Survey the Lay of the Land
While there are practical reasons to post a Keep Right sign when drivers have an upcoming obstacle to maneuver around, it’s important to survey the lay of the land before putting one up. Make sure that all traffic will be served best by keeping drivers to the right of the island. Then go a step further, looking at any incoming roadways to make sure there aren’t areas where vehicles need to merge with the flow of traffic. A Keep Right sign, in this instance, could impede those drivers from getting into the correct lane. While the vast majority of traffic control signs (including this one) will benefit the safety of the road, it always pays to think about how the sign will affect every aspect of area traffic – not just the one you’re immediately concerned with.

Best Places for Keep Right Signs
We’ve already established the purpose of Keep Right signs, but the question remains: Where can you place them for maximum effectiveness? On this subject, most traffic control experts find agreement; you should post the sign as close as possible to the ends of lifted medians, traffic islands, parkways, and any other obstructions that could confuse drivers. If you place the sign too far in advance of the obstacle, you risk having drivers forget about it by the time they arrive at the location. If you place the sign after the obstacle, you’ll be increasing confusion instead of eliminating it. By posting in the correct spot, you’ll see immediate and favorable results.

Buy Long-Lasting Keep Right Signs
At American Sign Company, we understand that our Keep Right signs will be used in primarily outdoor settings. This means they will be subject to constant UV light, inclement weather conditions such as hail and storms, and the natural moisture that wreaks havoc on certain materials. Because of this, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our customers get the same durable aluminum signs that are available to any public works department in the country. Indeed, many of our customers are local government agencies looking to add new signs to their highways. When you buy a Keep Right sign from us, you are purchasing a high-quality product that will stay fresh and bright for years to come.