Keep Out Signs

Make sure that people aren’t wandering into dangerous and restricted areas of your business with these Keep Out signs from American Sign Company. We’ve curated a collection of signs that send a very clear message to guests, customers, and even perhaps certain members of your workforce: Do not go beyond this point. People will come to your property with their typical curiosity intact, and you almost can’t blame them for wanting to open this door or that one to see what’s behind the curtain. If you don’t have signage in place discouraging this behavior, you definitely can’t blame them! Keep things simple. Keep people informed. Keep Out signs are an excellent way to ensure that you and everyone else who comes to your business are on the same page.

Mitigate Your Liability
As a business or property owner, you know that it is your responsibility to take reasonable measures to keep your guests safe. Keep Out signs are an excellent step towards doing so. Many businesses will have rooms with equipment that is dangerous for the untrained. Even a ladder could prove disastrous for an uncoordinated visitor. You might expect common sense to prevail here, but you can’t put your chips on that bet. Instead, make it very clear where customers belong…and where they don’t. If you can prove that you went out of your way to warn visitors, guests, and customers to stay out of a certain area, you’ll go a long way towards shielding yourself from legal liability.

Cut Down on Vandalism and Theft
If you’re like most small business owners, you’re running an operation with a very thin slice of profitability. As long as you can keep your business on the right side of that red line, you’re okay. But even a relatively small hiccup can set you back months. When those hiccups come in the form of vandalism and/or theft, it can be especially frustrating for a business owner trying to make an honest living. Unfortunately, the unfairness of it all doesn’t stop it from happening. By posting Keep Out signs, however, you can ward off intruders and protect one of your most important investments.

Are Keep Out Signs Legally Binding?
Customers sometimes ask us whether or not they have the right to refer people for criminal conduct if those people violate their Keep Out signs. Unfortunately, we can’t give a simple answer to this question, because it depends on how you’re using them as well as the relevant criminal codes in your city and state. If you’re using the signs as a way to keep people entirely off your property, you may be able to call the police and get assistance; there are certainly trespassing laws that will apply. Is it more about keeping people out of a specific office? Criminal prosecution may be trickier. Our best advice is to speak to a lawyer who specializes in business and/or property law.