Keep Door Closed Signs

Safety and privacy begins with visual communication tools that make it abundantly clear to your employees, visitors, and customers where they should and should not go. These Keep Door Closed signs communicate to everyone that it is important – either for regulatory reasons or otherwise – that a door not be propped open for any reason. These signs are sometimes considered mandatory by regulating boards such as OSHA, and our signs are designed to be in compliance with many of those federal and local regulations.

Our Keep Door Closed signs are:

– Lightweight and durable

– Easy to install

– Weather-resistant and built to last

– Designed with clarity and readability in mind

– Affordable for the budget-minded business owner

Keep Your Facility Safe

There are a number of reasons you may need a Keep Door Closed sign. Perhaps you have a room in which dangerous equipment and/or chemicals are stored. It is important to keep customers and guests out of the room to make sure no one is hurt in an untimely accident. You may simply want to block off an office so that you aren’t subject to unwanted interruptions. Some businesses prefer to keep all foot traffic flowing through a single entrance; they may choose to put a sign like this on the unused door to cut down on confusion.

Prevent Disaster

Many businesses choose to use Keep Door Closed signs to mark the presence of special fire doors that are only effective when closed. For some businesses, depending on the products they carry, it may not be so much of a choice as it is a mandated regulation. Breaking those regulations can result in exorbitant fines and/or the closure of your business. For both disaster prevention and the prevention of that unenviable scenario, Keep Door Closed signs are essential.

Fire doors help to prevent the spread of smoke and flame in the event of a fire. If you are storing hazardous chemicals on site, these doors can also be used to contain an explosion. They quickly become useless, however, if they are propped open for the sake of convenience and air flow. The effectiveness of these doors is, in fact, dependent on keeping air flow to a minimum. Fires depend on a steady source of oxygen to grow and spread; by keeping the doors shut, you choke off the fire’s most powerful fuel and give yourself the time you need to call for help.

Minimize Unauthorized Access

In addition to fire safety, Keep Door Closed signs can also minimize the occurrence of unauthorized access. And it’s a lot more affordable than security key codes, scanners, one-way door handles, and so forth. While a sign, in and of itself, will not prevent someone from gaining access to an unauthorized area if they really want to come in, it will cut down on the “wanderers” who simply don’t know where they’re going.