House numbering is a system that gives a building in an area or street a specific number to make it less complicated to locate a particular address. More often, the house number is part of the postal address. The schemes vary by cities and locations. In some remote areas in the world, houses get names instead of numbers!

If you’ve walked by the front exterior of any building, you will notice that people seize the opportunity to add a bit of style to their front decoration with different types of home number signs. The vast majority of people choose materials and designs that match the style of their home. For example, modernistic houses may fit well with bold, sharp, metal home number signs. Country houses may look better with wooden, classic home signs, and so and forth.

Believe it or not, house numbers perform many other tasks besides making the post office’s job easier. House numbers help in military enlistment duties, census-taking, law enforcement, and to let people know how to reach you! House numbers are convenient these days. It makes the life of emergency workers easier, as well as your visitors.
Besides looking pretty, home number signs have to be clear! The rules for displaying house numbers vary, depending on where you live. However, the following recommendations will ensure that your house number is placed where emergency responders, postal services, courier companies, and so on can be seen by emergency responders, postal services courier companies.

• Our house numbers are big and bold, as they are supposed to be. According to the International Building Code, each number must be a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) in height with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inches (12.7 mm).
• While the color of the numbers and the background should contrast with each other, the two’s alignment should be the same. Avoid vertical signs with numbers aligned horizontally (and vice versa).


• Place your home number sign where it is 100% visible from the street in front of the road. If your home is in a corner, it is a good idea to have another sign on the side that faces the road. If the house is too far from the street, the house number should be displayed in the mailbox.
• If your mailbox isn’t in front of your house or near your driveway, post a house number sign in your yard.
• The home number sign should never be obstructed by bushes, debris, trees, or decorations.
• If your house is far from the street, a reflective home number sign is a fantastic idea.
• Most local governments recommend displaying numbers horizontally.

Consider contrast when picking your home number sign. White numbers on a black background are ideal, but we understand needs, requirements, and uses differ. Please take into consideration the above recommendations; seek through our catalog for options that suit your desires. Give your home that extra styling touch with our stylish, straightforward, bold home number signs.