As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide usable, accessible parking accommodations for your disabled guests, customers, and workers. Not only will this make your store, office, or other organization more welcoming and friendly to disabled people, it will ensure that you’re meeting the regulations set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act and various local and state laws. The penalty for violating these regulations can be significant and even, in some cases, business-crushing. Don’t wait until you get fined by the government. Take proactive steps today to meet ADA guidelines and use our Handicap Parking Signs to ensure complete compliance.

Making the Proper Accommodations
We encourage all of our business customers to read ADA regulations carefully to make sure they understand how they apply to the size and nature of their store or office. In those regulations, you will discover what steps you must take when it comes to clearing obstructions, providing access aisles, shaping curb ramps, and outlining routes from the disabled parking spaces to the front door. In some cases, a regular-sized space will be sufficient for disabled access. In others, you may need to provide extra room to accommodate accessibility vans and the like. Upon getting your spaces into compliance, you must then provide Handicap Parking Signs that promote the spaces in accordance with the law.

Stay in Compliance With the Proper Handicap Parking Signs
As important as it is to meet or exceed ADA regulations regarding the size and structure of your accommodations, it is just as important to make sure you use the appropriate Handicap Parking Signs when labeling the space. Regulations are more lenient when it comes to signage than when it comes to sizes and structures, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to be casual about it. The signs you find in our collection comply with most ADA regulations and those co-opted and outlined by the Department of Transportation. You can purchase these signs with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll pass any inspection that comes your way.

Add Professionalism to Your Parking Lot
While the regulatory information provided above should give you all the reasons you need to invest in Handicap Parking Signs for your business, there is another critical factor you shouldn’t overlook: These signs add professionalism to your parking lot. This means, of course, that they add professionalism to your entire business. From the moment customers drive onto your property, these signs and others can send a subtle but powerful message about your commitment to quality, your standards, and your flair for presentation. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so don’t wait until your customers enter the store to start impressing them with your brand.

Perfect for All Types of Businesses
Our Handicap Parking Signs customers include property managers, apartment landlords, supermarkets, malls, small retail stores, schools, and other organizations from every corner of the business world. These customers return to American Sign Company because of our quality control, our fast shipping, and our outstanding customer service staff. Buy from us today and experience the difference!