The world is recognizing signage vendors are a valuable link to battle the coronavirus through various methods. Our company is offering Hand Sanitizing Signs, which are proven to be an effective measure to remind employees, visitors, and customers of the need to keep our hands clean.

Every industry is seeking for ways to fight COVID-19 and urging the public to stay healthy during this long pandemic. Among the most effective practices so far is to have better sanitation policies in the workplace, so customers and employees alike can stay safe and well. Us, as signage vendors, are more than happy to contribute and are eager to help. Among these policies, a solution that combines a hand sanitizer dispense and the corresponding sign is accessible, functional, and simply works.
While manufacturers or hand sanitizing stations are selling more than ever –attempting to cover the high demands, clients assure that the station by itself it is not as useful as one accompanied by a sign.

Our hand sanitizing signs are much more than reminders. With our signs, you can:
• Remind personnel, co-workers, and visitors or clients of the need to sanitize their hands.
• Indicate people where a hand sanitizing station is located.
• Remind them –or teach them –the steps to correctly sanitize their hands.

How to use hand sanitizer:
· Apply the sanitizer to the palm of one hand
· Rub your hands together.
· Rub the sanitizer over all the surfaces of your hands and fingers until your hands are dry. This should take around 20 seconds.

What is the benefit of using hand sanitizer vs. washing one´s hands? Washing hands, health-wise, is much more effective in getting rid of bacteria and germs. Nonetheless, it is not always the most practical solution since many areas or spots don´t have running water. For example, suppose you enter a shop or a restaurant. In that case, you can immediately clean your hands at the entrance with a hand sanitizer instead of going to the bathroom (risking contagion in the path). The same principle applies to cubicles, outdoor establishments, and others.

Avoid spreading harmful germs with this helpful sign, and remind those around your facility to use hand sanitizer when they can. Have you been searching for a customized sign? We can help! Choose among the options we have: quick reminders, signage to indicate where a hand sanitizing station is, or signage to explain the correct steps to sanitize hands.