With our handsome and easy-to-install gym signs, you can make a terrific first impression on prospective members and increase your chances of turning browsers into paying customers. In addition to boosting your conversions, these gym signs can help you maintain order by reminding members of the rules, enforcing sanitary practices, and directing members to important areas of the gym like the locker room, cardio space, and more. We’ve put an emphasis on attractive gym signs that will go hand-in-hand with your existing décor so these signs can stand out…but not detract from your design scheme.

Inspirational Signs

The gym can be an intimidating place for newcomers. It’s not easy to get off the couch and start working on your fitness. It’s important that you turn your gym into a welcoming place for customers from all walks of life. And whether your clientele comes more from the out-of-shape side of the ledger or from amateur bodybuilders looking to pack on the muscle, a little inspiration never hurt anyone. You can use inspirational gym signs and graphics to transform your gym into a hall of positivity and health.

Label Your Areas

Many gyms set up various areas where guests and members can easily find what they’re looking for. There may be a room for aerobics classes, a room for cardio equipment – treadmills, ellipticals, etc., a room for free weights, a room for weight machines, and so forth. While it may seem obvious to the gym veteran what rooms are for what activity, don’t underestimate how easy it is to become confused as a newcomer. Simple gym signs can help mitigate that confusion and ensure that everyone knows exactly where they need to be.

Warnings and Liability Statements

You want your gym to be a safe place for everyone to work out, but it’s impossible to turn a gym into a Nerf-like environment where you couldn’t get hurt if you tried. Whether it’s falling off the treadmill, loading up too much weight on the bar, or simply throwing out your back at the squat rack, accidents can and will happen. You as the owner, however, can decrease your liability for these accidents by placing clear, bold warnings and “Use at your risk” messages throughout the gym.

Your Expectations for Members

Unless you want a free-for-all environment where everyone just does whatever they want, gym signs are an excellent way to make your expectations clear. We have signs that outline the rules of the gym, make it clear that everyone should rack their weights upon finishing their sets, encourage the wiping down of machines, suggest the use of spotters, and more. Some members may bristle at the rules, and others may ignore them entirely. But if you post the signs in clear, unmistakable language, you’ll get more buy-in than you might think.