Your garden is your sanctuary from the busy, digital world that has increasingly taken over your life. It is your respite from the chores and duties that we must all perform daily. It’s the place where time slows down, your mind calms, and you begin to regain your sanity. And because you bring mindfulness and care to the work, you’ve undoubtedly cultivated something worth being proud of.

Does this sound like you? Does this sound like an accurate description of your garden? If so, you might be interested in our collection of beautiful Garden Signs. These signs can add the finishing flourishes to a lovely garden, preparing it perfectly for one of the secondary benefits of your favorite hobby: Showing it off!

Welcome Visitors to Your Creation
Is “creation” the right word here? We suppose not. It would keep you up late at night if you had to figure out how to “create” a tomato or “build” a sunflower. Thankfully, the way things are set up, you don’t have to worry about all of that. All that you need to do is prepare the soil, plant the seed, give your garden the proper water and food, and then sit back and watch the miracle of life unfold. This is the true pleasure of gardening; not to pretend as though you created these flowers, fruits, and vegetables, but to play an essential role in the ongoing and never-ending cycle of life. It’s quite a beautiful thing.

It’s only natural to want to invite visitors over to see the results! They may not be as entranced by the beauty as you are, but that’s okay. If they even get a fraction of the joy you get out of your garden, you’ll have given them something of immense worth. A few well-placed garden signs can help you draw them into the moment. You can use humor, charm, or even a profound message or two to accomplish this minor feat. Once they feel comfortable and welcome in your garden, they’ll be able to settle in and appreciate what you’ve cultivated.

Simple Installation
We don’t doubt that you’ve put your heart and soul into tending your garden. It’s a passion, and when you get bitten by that powerful green monster, you have no choice but to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into bringing your vision to fruition. It probably didn’t even feel like work…even though it most certainly was! We understand, of course, that putting up garden signs is not necessarily going to hit that same “passion” button. Therefore, we’ve designed these signs to be as easy to install as they are beautiful to look at. They ship fast, and they all come with the hardware you need to put them up in your garden immediately. No passion required.

Decorative and Practical
In our collection, you’ll find garden signs that fit into many different categories. For the most part, however, they’ll fall into one of two broad distinctions: The ones that serve a practical purpose and the ones that are purely decorative. You may have a use for one or the other…or you may prefer to outfit your garden with a combination of the two. Either way, we certainly hope you find what you’re looking for at American Sign Company. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out and ask!