What are employee only signs? They are the ones who keep your facility in control. For example, if you have areas that represent a danger to customers. Or if you have security policies and you want to prevent unauthorized people from compromising them.
An employee only sign secures certain areas of your business or facility. If you have valuable property or workplace hazard areas, you must ensure anyone without authorization does not have access to those areas. Not only will you be protecting visitors and your assets, but you will be protecting your business against liabilities derived from an accident on your premises.

Stock areas or dangerous spots are more likely to have mishaps, thefts, and accidents. Our employee only signs alerts to your visitors and any other passerby of your policies.
There are other types of Employee, only signs, such as employee-only parking signs. These signs are designed to reserve parking spots for your employees so they can have quick access. Employee only parking signs are a way to recognize your worker´s performance and boost their morale.

Employee only signs are a vital part of any building’s safety program. There is a no better, more effective way to visually communicate with your visitors or customers of off-limit zones. A company is responsible –and liable in many cases –for controlling access to sensitive or hazardous areas; employee only signs do the job!

They also help secure your visitors by keeping them out of stock areas where accidents, mishaps, and even theft can be prevented.

Many buildings also utilize signage for areas that employees can access only –such as their restrooms, lockers, or cafeteria, to name a few. Believe it or not, these signs can be crucial if an accident, theft, or trespassing incident occurs.

Many people ask if there’s anything legally restricting customers from accessing exclusive entry areas. Can this be considered a form of trespassing that an employee, or you, could use as a basis for legal action?

The law says that if you access an area, after seeing a clear, distinctive “Employee only sign,” you are by all means trespassing. Of course, some invasions are unintentional; unfortunately, other circumstances point out that unreasonable customers may want to enter areas you consider private.

Depending on the case and the nature of our business, employee-only signs can be helpful and needed. They can come in different shapes, designs, colors, and messages. Verbiage is optional, with some people preferring “No trespassing” and others “Authorized Personnel Only,” it is up to you how to express the no entry message. They are made with sturdy materials that guarantee a long life and top performance.

Our employee only signs come in different sizes and shapes. Choose which best suits your business and –if you want –personalize it according to your needs.