Appointment Only Signs

You go to your accountant, financial advisor, or banker. Perhaps you want to obtain a home mortgage or to negotiate a loan. Would you like to do it with a room full of strangers hanging around you?


Most of us have a certain expectation of privacy when it comes to our finances and other sensitive topics. Also, the last thing you want is to feel rushed by the group of people outside the office waiting for their turn. On the other hand, it can be unnerving, inefficient, and exasperating waiting in line to get a consultation or an appointment.


Now, let’s turn it to the health niche. Imagine having a medical emergency with a kid or having a nasty toothache. Would you turn to a doctor who allows walk-ins? Knowing the waiting could take forever? Or would you play it safe and turn to the doctor whose office had a big, bright sign that says “Appointment Only.”


The Private Admittance by Appointment Only Sign is used to inform about private premises for which you need an appointment to enter.


Appointment only signs are useful and vital, and, as simple as it may sound, it saves many misunderstandings between client and provider. There are many cases in which the manager or operations leader cannot be regularly available onsite, that’s why many of them turn to the “Appointment only” system. For instance, if you rent a building, you may not be onsite 100% of the time to show the inquirers around and answer questions. Setting your office hours by appointment lets potential renters know when you will be available to talk and discuss.


The great thing about appointment only signs is that you can let customers know when you are willing to meet them. You can change and customize the schedule to fit your preferences.



Customers lean towards places and providers that offer a certain sense of security and order. That “something” can be as simple as an “appointment only” sign.


There are many places where “appointment only” systems manage the business schedule, in which case a proper sign will alert customers. There’s nothing more frustrating than walking into a shop or company, only to learn you have to schedule an appointment first. Among the most common examples:


  • Doctors. From dermatologists to OB-GYN, most medical professionals manage their schedules by appointment. This gives each patient ample time for consultation without being rushed. With medical issues, you want to wait as minimum as possible at a doctor’s office.
  • Personal trainers.
  • Mechanics.
  • Driving schools.
  • Beauty salons

Designed for use in a v

ariety of situations and can be displayed inside or outside “appointment only” signs are useful, and vital for any business who wants to keep a smooth flow of customers without disappointing them.