An evacuation sign is used in facilities and buildings to provide Emergency and Evacuation information to employees or visitors. Their central three purposes are:

• To let the public know where the Assembly area is located at the facility (usually somewhere in the parking lot). It also shows the egress paths from inside the building to the Assembly area.
• To indicate where the fire equipment is (such as fire extinguishers, exits, fire blankets, hose reels, etc.).
• To inform the public of where they are spatially located inside the facility. The “You are here” with the distinctive cross. It also shows how to escape during an emergency through the closest safe exit.

The diagram with the fire evacuation will also show the site plan and other emergency protocols to follow. In most cases, the diagram includes the legends that explain what each diagram means; these simple diagrams save lives!

• Number and location of emergency signs. The number and location depend on the building. They should be displayed in spots where visitors and workers can easily see them. In most cases, it is advisable to position them at the height of between 1200mm and 1600 mm from the floor level.
• Orientation. They must be correctly oriented to the building in which they are placed relevant to the ‘You are Here’ location.
• Size. The minimum size of an evacuation diagram using only the minimum elements is A4. Emergency signs and diagrams show people where they are located within a facility and how to direct to the safest, nearest exit. Along with the signs, employees should take safety courses that include reminders of where the emergency gear is and the protocol in case of an emergency. If a worker suddenly forgets due to fear or anguish, emergency signs will help them keep safe and help others.

Let everyone know at your facility where to go and how to proceed when facing potentially harmful situations. Such situations include but are not limited to fires, natural disasters, and hurricanes. Emergency signs help people locate safe exits, assembly points, areas of refuge, and basic protocols. As a rule of thumb, emergency signs should include contact information –whether it is the 911 number or other if the company specifies it.
• Emergency signs save lives! They are a must-have tool in every office, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, or any other workplace.
• Customize the sign according to your evacuation protocols.
• All of our signs are made with high-quality material; they are durable, eye-catching, and clear.

Noticeable and readable at first glance, our Emergency signs come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. You can add pertinent customization and create your own based on our numerous available templates if you want.