Employee Of The Month Sign

Incentive, motivation, reward. The mystery of improving morale among employees has vexed business owners and managers for as long as enterprise has been a thing. Many workers think the magic solution is a simple one: Pay us more, and we’ll be more eager to work harder. Study after study, however, has shown that it isn’t quite that cut and dried. Good managers will use a variety of tools to recognize and congratulate those employees who are doing a good job, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for a top-notch workforce.

One reliable and effective tool: Making time each month to spotlight an employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. A little (friendly) competition between employees can do wonders, especially when the rewards are on point. If you’re ready to try an experiment in employee motivation, try using our Employee of the Month Signs as a way to show your best workers how much you appreciate their efforts. Something as simple as setting aside a parking space for a hardworking employee could be enough to change your team’s morale overnight.

Use the Carrot, Save the Stick
A manager or business owner who constantly has to write employees up or threaten to fire them is not running an effective operation. When you consistently use the stick to enforce your demands, it probably means one of two things: Either you need to improve your interviewing process or your carrots aren’t tempting enough. Carrots, in this case, can mean anything from vacations to bonuses to direct praise. Too often, managers withhold praise from hardworking employees and take them for granted. This is a first-class trip to disaster. Use our Employee of the Month signs to heap praise on the best of your workforce, and you will see a measurable difference in your company’s energy.

Make Your Company a Great Place to Work
If you’re an owner who has struggled to keep employees or find good ones, you may be interested in knowing how workers think about concepts like praise and motivation. While many of them will tell you that they’re in it for the compensation and nothing more, surveys have shown that the psychology behind employee morale is far more complex. A 2012 Business Insider survey showed that only 23% of U.S. workers reported receiving “incredible recognition” for their hard work. The survey went on to find that employee creativity, loyalty, and commitment is correlated strongly with praise and recognition.

What if you could transform the morale of your entire workforce with something as simple and affordable as an Employee of the Month sign? Wouldn’t that be worth it? Wouldn’t it at least be worth a try? If you’re ready to take a small but meaningful step towards changing the atmosphere of your company, start with one of these high-quality Employee of the Month signs from American Sign Company. You may be surprised at how well it works!