Emergency signs are a vital part of any communication program or plan. Those precious seconds to react can mean a world of difference; if signage is easy to read, straightforward, and eye-catching, the reaction will be more effective. Response time is the critical difference between a tragedy and a close call. That’s why every communication protocol must include visual communication so that workers can follow established procedures promptly.

Emergencies happen without notice at any given point in time. It is vital to be prepared, well-informed and updated about safety protocols to avoid harm during such circumstances.
There are different types of emergency signs:

• Safety instruction sign. These can be set indoors or outdoors in many situations. They state warnings to alert individuals from potential danger. These signs mostly consist of instructions about health risks. For instance, they inform people about avoiding injuries due to exposure to chemicals and other hazardous elements.
• Caution signs. These are very important to make individuals aware of dangers close by. Caution signs vary, from industrial caution signs that have detailed information on reacting to low hazard level signs. Common examples include potential oil leaks on the highway and slippery surfaces in a shop or business. The purpose is to avoid accidents.
• Warning signs. These are primordial in any space or building that has danger-prone areas. Common examples include nuclear plants, factories, laboratories, etc. If these warnings are ignored, the consequences include death. Warning signs are often seen on restricted areas.
• Fire safety signs. These signs are specifically designed to indicate where the emergency gear and equipment are located and basic instructions on using it. Fire safety signs are seen both indoors and outdoors (even at parking places).
• Emergency exit signs. These signs are set in accesses used only when a real emergency occurs. These signs also guide people on where the closest exit is to lead them to a safety zone. Usually, these signs come with reflective material or lights to make them visible in case of fire or smoke.

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