Do Not Use Signs

A Do Not Use Sign works as a clear and concise safety notice to warn others that a piece of equipment should not be used, for example, if it requires repair. It’s a meaningful way to warn people of danger, keeping the public, staff members, or other people in the area safe. Not only are you preventing an accident, but also protecting your company from potential liability.

Our Do Not Use signs are useful prohibition messages displayed in areas where you want to warn people against using machinery, equipment, or other gear out of order. A simple statement can be added –such as “Out of Order.” Although we offer customization, the most common template includes a bold red circle with a diagonal red line passing through it. The red circle with a diagonal red line passing through it has a meaning of do not do or you are not allowed, e.g., prohibited.

Our signs feature white, clear text over a red background, with a red prohibition circle above. It has clear ‘Do Not Use’ text that is eye-catching and in a large font. The prohibition symbol is the standard symbol to prevent an action and is easily recognizable. This means that the message can be more easily understood even by those who can’t read or speak a different language. When trying to avoid injuries or accidents, you must consider such cases –you must make sure everyone will understand your message.

Our do not use signs are designed to be wall-mounted; we offer various fixtures, including adhesives (sticky pads) or the conventional screw holes. We also provide these signs as vinyl stickers that you can easily set on a surface.

The most popular option is rigid plastic or aluminum. Bot choices are waterproof, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. The high-quality material used to make our Do Not Use sign means that it will last a long time without fading or the text and symbols becoming illegible.

Do not use signs are meant to be used on and around pieces of machinery or equipment that should not be utilized at specific periods, for example, when they are out of order, need maintenance, or any other contingency.

Alert, notify, and caution workers of the working conditions, hazards, maintenance, etc., of a machine in use. Choose from signs with or without pictograms to suit individual requirements. Do Not Use Signs are made from durable plastic and heavy-duty aluminum.

Signs are resistant to high temperatures, chemical spills, fading, abrasion, and enjoy a long outdoor life. Make sure everyone is safe; post Do Not Use Signs to help protect your equipment and employees. Let everyone know what is safe and what is not to use. Your machine will not be fixed if it continues to be used.

Seek through our catalog for different size and style options. All of our products are customizable, or you can order from our standard templates.