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The pandemic put a spotlight on how important it is for businesses – especially, but not limited to restaurants – to expand the ways in which customers can engage with them. For many restaurants, this meant dramatically expanding their to-go options with delivery and takeaway implementation. While the early months of 2021 have seen us emerge from the darkest parts of the pandemic, some public health officials say the country will not be fully back to normal for another year at least. But even if we do return to normal in that time frame or sooner, you may find that take-out and pickup remain an integral source of revenue. To keep this business venture going, use our Curbside Pickup Signs to enhance the customer experience and provide a clean, organized parking lot for your visitors.

Our Curbside Pickup Signs:

— Are available in a range of sizes depending on your needs as a business owner
— Come in plain designs and ones with colorful graphics to match your existing branding
— Meet the highest quality standards in the industry, ensuring years of reliable usage
— Are customizable – call or email today to find out how you can use the words and graphics of your choice!

Expand Your Shipping Business
Curbside Pickup Signs are used mainly by restaurants and big-box stores like Target, but that doesn’t mean they lack any relevance to your business. If you have an online retail business that sells locally, you can use these signs to expand your customer outreach. Add a “pickup” option to your online checkout system, give a designated time to buyers who want to pick up their products in person, and provide parking for them to do so. When you or an employee sees that someone is in the marked space, you’ll be able to easily take their merchandise out to them, saving on shipment costs and enhancing customer loyalty.

Organize Your Take-Out
Don’t underestimate how much lockdown may have changed consumer habits permanently. Some people will have longer windows than others when it comes to “returning to normal.” Others have grown so accustomed to taking their food to go that they may now prefer it to dine-in eating. Unless you want to lose their business to restaurants catering to the new habits that the pandemic created, you have to adapt to the times. This means keeping your delivery options, taking full advantage of third-party delivery apps, and providing fast, effortless opportunities for take-out. Our Curbside Pickup Signs not only outline where customers should park when retrieving their order, they double as promotional advertisements: YES, you can easily take our food home!

Effective Placement
Our Curbside Pickup Signs work best when properly placed. If you’re not sure where to set them out, a few of the most promising spots include: By the front door, at the head of a parking space, in the entryway to your restaurant, and on the grassy areas of your property. When possible, you may even wish to combine these locations for an effective overall presentation.