School Crossing Sign

Without the proper signage, a school zone can turn into one of the most hazardous places on the road. Protecting children from careless, reckless drivers is a major concern for every municipality, the Department of Transportation, and any other official charged with improving the safety of the streets. If you are in such a position, these School Crossing Signs can clearly warn drivers that they are approaching an area where school kids will be walking across the roadway. This encourages great caution and slow speeds. Drivers should also pay attention to any crossing guards working the walk as they may have signals to obey as children make their way to and from the school.

Warn Drivers to Slow Down
Traffic authorities have known it since the dawn of the Model T: Speed kills. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more likely it is that they get into an accident. Furthermore, the chances of that accident resulting in grievous injury or death are magnified considerably. While it’s important to keep speeds reasonable on any street, highway, or interstate, it’s even more important when pedestrians are sharing the pavement. And it’s even more important still when those pedestrians are kids – many of whom do not have the wherewithal to make sure the road is clear before crossing the street. School Crossing signs are an excellent way to warn drivers that it’s time to take their foot off the gas.

Prepare Drivers to Stop
Slowing down, of course, is only the first step. When kids are using the crosswalk to get to or from school, drivers must be prepared to stop immediately and allow them through. Slowing down is a big part of this preparation as it is difficult to come to a complete stop if you’re already traveling much too quickly for the zone. When you post clear, bright School Crossing signs, you are telling motorists that they may have occasion to stop for pedestrians over the next block or so. You can combine these signs with flashing yellow lights indicating that the school is either opening for the day or letting out for the day, thus encouraging greater vigilance.

Bright, Reflective Signs
We’ve established our collection of School Crossing signs using the methods standardized by federal regulations and the best practices of the traffic control industry. Each of our signs is made of durable aluminum with high-intensity fonts and colors that stand out to even the most distracted drivers. Reflecting coatings ensure that these signs are visible even during inclement weather conditions such as rain or fog – conditions that make it even more important that drivers pay attention to their surroundings. Combined, these elements ensure excellent driver adherence and safer zones for pedestrians and schoolchildren.

Steps You Can Take to Ensure School Zone Safety
In addition to posting these School Crossing signs at relevant crosswalks, you can improve the safety of your school zone with the help of crossing guards, painted pavement markings, flashing lights, and even the presence of law enforcement. You can also browse our site for a wide array of traffic signs that can help you make your school zone a safer place for both drivers and students.