If you manage a roadway – whether public or private – where pedestrians are frequently crossing the street, it is in your best interest to post a Pedestrian Crossing sign to ensure safety. These signs alert drivers to the possibility that people may walk out in front of their path, so they are advised to slow down, exert caution, and pay attention to their surroundings. Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are seldom trivial, making this one of the most important warnings you can give to motorists in your area. If posting this sign can even prevent a single pedestrian accident, the small investment will have been well worth it.

Prevent Serious Accidents
We live in a car-crazy society, but walking is still the most common way for Americans to get from one place to another. We may not cover nearly as much distance on foot as we do behind the wheel, but until we have miniature scooters to take us from our cars to the inside of buildings, we do a whole lot of walking. Unfortunately, when we walk in the presence of vehicular traffic, we are at a distinct disadvantage. According to government statistics, more than 6,000 pedestrians were killed in 2018. By putting up coherent Pedestrian Crossing signs, you aim to make sure that your area of the roadways is not adding to these grim stats.

Improve Pedestrian Safety
Are you in charge of the public roadways in your city? Are you looking to improve pedestrian safety on your private property or store entrance? If you answered yes to either of these, it pays to know how you can best protect the pedestrians on your roads. A bright, bold Pedestrian Crossing sign is almost certainly going to be a significant tool in your arsenal. From there, you can begin to look at other possibilities. Good lighting, ample sidewalk space, crosswalk lights, and even raised pedestrian bridges are all potential solutions to your problem. Our advice is to start with the most basic, affordable measures and expand outward as needed. It may be that a simple sign is all it takes to restore safety.

Work With the Community
A good city manager (or business owner) will spend time engaging with the community about the problems posed by area traffic. Just let them tell you what’s wrong – they won’t hesitate! That doesn’t mean you need to hold a public forum. Just let people in your community speak freely on your Facebook or social media page, and you’ll get all the suggestions you can handle. Here’s the key: Focus on suggestions that you see over and over again from different members of the community. Those are the problems that need to be addressed. And if you can solve these problems with something as basic as a Pedestrian Crossing sign, why not do it as quickly as possible?