As a business owner, you have a vested interest in keeping your workers, visitors, and customers safe and secure as they navigate the property. With these Construction Zone signs, you can take a proactive approach to the safety of both motorists and pedestrians who must find a way to cautiously travel through areas of your land/store that are currently undergoing repairs or expansion.

Construction areas can be extremely dangerous for the unprepared, and it is your job to make everyone aware that they should either avoid certain areas altogether or adjust their expectations as they proceed past the work. By using the Construction Zone signs you find on our site, you can rest assured that you’ve lived up to your safety responsibilities.

The Dangers of Construction Areas

Don’t underestimate the risks and dangers that are always present in an ongoing construction area. Likewise, don’t rely on the “common sense” of your workers and guests to keep them (and the construction workers) safe throughout the process. A surprising number of people are blithely unaware that they are risking their health by wandering into a specific area; make it plain with construction zone signs that they cannot misinterpret. The risks inherent in any such area could include slippery surfaces, loose cables, heavy equipment, scaffolding, falling debris, and much more. Keep people clear of the area with the right signage.

Display Warnings Well in Advance

The key to properly-placed construction zone signs? Giving drivers enough advanced warning that they can adjust their speed and alertness levels in time to react to the situation at hand. This is not as important on private roads as it is out on the highway, but it’s still worth considering. For one thing, you may want drivers to avoid certain areas altogether. By setting up construction zone signs far ahead of the actual construction, you have time to divert motorists into a detour they can use to arrive at their destination. You may also want to have employees out by the roads using flags and diversion cones to help control the traffic.

Mandate the Proper Protective Equipment

With our construction zone signs, you can not only prevent access to unauthorized personnel, you can set up mandates for certain kinds of protective equipment. For instance, you may wish to restrict the area to people wearing hard hats only. We have signs that send this message clearly to reduce confusion and prevent accidents.

Signs Designed for Temporary Use

Unlike much of the signage we sell here at American Sign Company, construction zone signs are temporary and portable by their very nature. Indeed, we recommend taking this signage down whenever construction is not in progress. If you keep the signs up when there is no work being done, you risk causing a certain kind of blindness in your guests. If they can’t attach the signs to reality, they’ll simply begin ignoring them. Then, when you actually do have construction going on, your signs won’t be as effective as they should be. Our signs are lightweight and portable so you can use them whenever appropriate.