All Gender Restroom Signs

With increasing attention being paid to LGBT rights and access issues that can impact our laws, businesses, and culture, it’s natural for any company owner or building manager to want to make sure they are in step with the direction of the country. In some states, it is already mandated that schools and workplaces implement inclusive bathrooms, for instance. In others, such legislation could be just around the corner. It makes sense to be out in front of these issues rather than play catchup down the road. If you’d like to do so, you can use All Gender Restroom Signs from American Sign Company to widen bathroom access and ensure compliance with legislation, present or future.

Increase Access
As a business owner, it’s important to sometimes separate how you may feel personally or politically about a certain issue and how you deal with the issue professionally. Not everyone will agree with this, certainly; some business owners prefer to wear their politics on their sleeves, and some even find that this works as a marketing strategy.

However, when those politics run up against the law, trouble can quickly arise. In this case, you either put everything on the line for a court case, or you comply. In this particular instance, of course, we’re talking about restroom access for those who don’t necessarily conform to the gender norms we’re used to. The easiest way to solve this is to provide bathroom access to any gender that wants to use the facility, and All Gender Restroom Signs are the best way to make that policy clear to your workers, students, customers, and visitors.

A Benefit to Parents
While LGBT issues tend to grab the spotlight when it comes to widening bathroom access these days, the truth is that there are benefits to universal restrooms that have little to do with transgender people. Indeed, many parents find these bathrooms convenient and useful. Have you, as a mother, ever been in a store with your young son, only to face a dilemma when it comes to which bathroom to choose? In this scenario, it’s easy to see how a universal bathroom, marked by an All Gender Restroom Sign, can be the simplest way to cut through the Gordian knot. Why complicate the issue with separate restrooms when there is a better way?

Helpful to Those With Disabilities
Similar to the scenario outlined above, All Gender Restroom Signs are often a beacon to those with disabilities. Or, more specifically, those who aid those with disabilities that make it difficult to go to the bathroom by themselves. If the person in your care is of a different sex, which restroom do you choose? Either way, you’re sure to make someone uncomfortable! This can all be cleared up with at least one universal bathroom that doesn’t make distinctions on the door.