With the passing of the Americans With Disabilities Act in the 1990s, businesses all over the country were compelled to provide special accommodations for customers, workers, and guests who suffered from various handicaps. In addition to meeting regulations that dictate certain aspects of the physical structure of the building itself, businesses are also required to post ADA signs that comply with the language found in the law. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully compliant with any and all ADA regulations that apply to your store or office. Our ADA signs are designed to meet these regulations and help you denote the ways in which your business provides accessibility for disabled individuals.

Sign Requirements
Before you browse our extensive collection of ADA signs, make sure you familiarize yourself with the regulations you need to comply with. Businesses of certain sizes will have restrictions and mandates that don’t necessarily apply to businesses that are smaller and more niche in their appeal. Look into the relevant statutes and determine whether or not you need braille writing on your sign. See if there are special design requirements that you’ll need to look for. Check to make sure you need a sign at all – or, if you do, that you’ve also come into compliance with the regulations that govern placement and sign size.

Avoid Fines and Penalties
In addition to giving your handicapped guests a safe and welcoming environment, ADA signs can help you avoid the nasty consequences that come with being caught out of compliance. You may be surprised by how quickly fines and other penalties can accrue when you aren’t adhering to the Americans With Disabilities Act. All it takes is one inspection or one whistleblower to put you in hock for thousands of dollars in penalties. For business owners who are already facing their budgetary limits, we suggest looking into the various tax incentives offered for meeting the cost of ADA compliance.

Perfect for Stores, Restaurants, Offices, and More
Our ADA signs are designed with versatility in mind. In our collection, you’ll find various sizes that can be used by almost any type of business you can come up with. Whether you’re operating a hotel, a retail store, a restaurant, an office building, a hospital, or any other kind of organization, you’ll find the signage you need to make your disabled guests and workers feel comfortable. In many cases, ADA requirements are uniform across various industries. Even so, we highly recommend looking into the codes that apply to your exact business size and type so that you don’t wind up having to redo your messaging.

Affordable and Fast
Trust American Sign Company for all of your ADA signs and messaging materials. We take pride in offering affordable solutions to business owners and managers who want to stay in compliance with federal regulations. Our lightning-fast turnaround and quick shipping ensures you’ll have the signs you need shortly after putting in your order. With free shipping for every order of $35 and above, we offer one of the most budget-friendly business operations in the industry. Thanks for shopping with us!