The Americans With Disabilities Act, passed in the 1990s, put a host of new regulations on businesses and buildings across the country, forcing them to increase accessibility for those in wheelchairs and those who live with other disabilities that make it difficult to get around. Gradually, businesses began to employ new features such as ramps, widened bathroom stalls, and other inclusive upgrades, instantly making life easier for those who don’t have the same privileges. It’s important for both legal and ethical reasons to comply with these laws and posting ADA Restroom Signs are a crucial step in the right direction. Get yours today right here at American Sign Company!

Options for Every Business and Building Type
As you’re probably aware, the Americans With Disabilities Act is not a set of one-size-fits-all policies. Rather, the laws are applied unevenly with respect to business size, building age, staff numbers, and many other factors. As the manager of a building, it’s up to you to make sure you’re up to date with the regulations as they apply to your company. Rest assured, however, that you can find the ADA Restroom Signs you need here on our site, no matter what you may require.

We carry signs appropriate for small retail stores, restaurants, universities, elementary schools, government buildings, and any other organization you can think of. Browse through our options – and remember, if you can’t find exactly the sign you need, contact us with your special requests. We specialize in customization, and we can almost surely make you ADA Restroom Signs that work for you.

Make Your Staff and Customers Feel Welcome
Posting ADA Restroom Signs isn’t just about complying with this regulation or that one. It is also a sign that you take your responsibility as a business owner seriously, and that none of your workers or customers are any less important than any other. Millions of Americans live with disabilities that their able-bodied peers cannot imagine dealing with. These people aren’t asking for pity; they are simply demanding equal access. You can send a clear message to your workers and customers that you are more than up to that challenge with ADA Restroom Signs.

Avoid Fines and Penalties
Of course, even if you don’t find it personally important to provide access to those with disabilities, you will want to avoid the fines and penalties that come with non-compliance with the ADA. Inspectors take a dim view of workplaces that fail to live up to the codes and laws that govern disabled access, and they will not hesitate to levy expensive fines if you are found out of compliance. You also risk falling victim to a lawsuit from a worker or a customer if they suffer harm as a result of your failure to post the correct signage or make the appropriate accommodations. Avoid this costly mess with an affordable investment: ADA Restroom Signs from American Sign Letters.