Every business owner must ensure that their parking lot meets the requirements laid out by the Americans With Disabilities Act, a 1990s-era law that pushed disabled rights to the forefront of American business law. The ADA came with a host of regulations for business owners, many of them having to do with accessibility ramps and other indoor accommodations. The law also solidified the need for handicapped parking spaces close to the front of a business and marked with the appropriate signage.

If you’ve got all of your accessibility ducks in a row, put the finishing touches on your hard work with these ADA Parking signs. They’ll help you comply with the law and turn your parking lot into a friendly and welcoming place for disabled workers and guests.

Read Your Regulations
The regulations outlined by the ADA will affect different businesses in different ways. Factors such as the size of your business, the number of employees you have on staff, and even your location can play a role in deciding which accommodations you must make. As a business owner, you must avail yourself of the regulations that apply to you so you can take the appropriate steps in a timely and affordable manner. One of the most affordable things you can do, of course, is put up ADA Parking signs and symbols. With nothing more than a few of our signs and maybe one or two of our stencils, you can make sure all of your parking spaces are compliant with the law.

Use the Right ADA Parking Signs
While most businesses will be required to post ADA Parking signs of some sort, it is important to know the codes yourself so that you know which TYPE of sign is right for you. In some situations, you’ll be required to post an accompanying fine so that drivers know the consequences of parking in that space without a tag. In other scenarios, you may be required to include braille messaging on the sign. Sometimes regulators will require specific colors and fonts be used for full compliance. Check with your regulations and then return to American Sign Company, where you can find ADA Parking signs that meet various codes and standards.

ADA Parking Signs for Your Business
In addition to carrying ADA Parking signs and symbols that meet various regulation requirements, we are also proud to carry signs that are appropriate for many different types of businesses. We have customers who run government buildings, preside over schools, manage hospitals and clinics, run retail stores, and own just about any other kind of business or organization you can imagine. They come to us for their ADA Parking signs because of our reputation for quality products, fast shipping, and a wide selection of inventory. When you’re ready to turn your parking lot into an accommodating place for disabled workers and guests, turn to us for the signage you need!