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55 Speed Limit Sign

With apologies to Sammy Hagar, these 55 Speed Limit Signs help enforce reasonable speeds on public roadways. When used in conjunction with regular police presence, photo enforcement, and other forms of traffic control, these signs effectively improve highway safety. While the federal interstate speed limit has not been 55 for some time now, this is still the maximum default speed limit for many states unless a higher limit is posted. Studies differ on whether or not 55 is the optimal universal speed limit, but the important thing is whether it is the correct speed limit for your roads and highways. If you have found that it is, our 55 Speed Limit Sign can help you notify drivers.

Determining the Right Speed Limit
State and local government agencies are responsible for determining the right speed limits for all roads open to the public. In most cases, traffic surveys, environmental reports, and engineering studies help determine how fast traffic should flow on a particular street. A street designed with 55 Speed Limit Signs will usually be a relatively open highway with few street lights. There may be shops and other organizations lining the road; however, streets with a speed limit this high will usually have dedicated turning lanes so that vehicles can move safely out of the flow before slowing to make their turn.

On Private Roadways
Not all roads are open to the public, of course. Parking lots, gated communities, private driving aisles, and other restricted areas will not be governed by public traffic authorities. While private business owners can (and should) consult with local law enforcement before setting out signs and other traffic control devices, they can usually do so with some level of freedom. If you are in charge of maintaining such an area, you can use our 55 Speed Limit Signs to signal to motorists that they may travel at a high rate of speed through your property. This is ordinary only recommended for wide-open roads, however.

Speed Limit Considerations
There are many factors to consider when deciding the appropriate speed limit for any given stretch of road. Legislatures and other traffic control authorities will look at the following things when making their determination:

— Geographic area: Is the road located in a more rural or urban environment? Rural environments with reduced traffic will often be given more lenient speed limits than compact metropolitan areas.

— How fast are drivers already going? Traffic surveys can tell authorities how fast people are traveling on the road at present. This can and should be kept in mind when devising a new speed limit.

— The condition of the road

— How many parking lots line the street? How much pedestrian activity is there?

All of these factors and more should be considered when deciding whether or not to put 55 Speed Limit Signs on a road.