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A Railroad Crossing Sign is a warning sign used by traffic authorities to alert drivers to the presence of railroad tracks. When these signs are posted, drivers should slow down, exercise caution, and use their senses to see if there are approaching trains from either direction. If there is an approaching train, drivers should make a complete stop until they have passed. This holds regardless of whether there are additional warnings such as flashing lights, bells, or a lowered gate. Railroad Crossings will be fitted with either active signage (the extra alarms noted previously) or passive signage (simple signs that mark the presence of the tracks).

What Kind of Railroad Crossing Signs Do I Need?
States determine which kinds of Railroad Crossing signs to use based on their budgetary restrictions and surveys of each individual crossing. Among the considerations you should use to determine the necessary signage: How many vehicles pass over the tracks on a daily basis, what kinds of vehicles are using the crossing, how many trains pass through the area in each direction, and how many collisions there have been over the last year. These factors and others can help you determine whether or not you need active signs or passive signs at a particular crossing.

Railroad Crossing Sign Requirements
Before putting up Railroad Crossing Signs, you should familiarize yourself with the MUTCD requirements regarding this particular kind of signage. This will give you invaluable information regarding the placement of the signs, ensure your regulatory compliance, and give drivers the best information possible when it comes to avoiding an accident. The requirements for public roadways include making sure the signs are located and facing the right-hand lane of the highway, that they are posted in a visible space and unobstructed by natural or artificial obstacles, and that they are reflective. Each of the Railroad Crossing Signs you buy from us can be made to fit into these requirements.

Improve Safety
The U.S. Department of Transportation reports nearly 6,000 train-car collisions every year in the United States. The vast majority of these crashes take place at railroad crossings, resulting in some 600 deaths annually along with more than 2,000 injuries. Some of these accidents occur due to faulty or missing signage, and yes, some of them occur because drivers willfully ignore the signs. While you can’t necessarily do anything about the latter problem, you have a responsibility to at least provide the proper warnings and cautions for drivers to follow. By putting up clear, bold Railroad Crossing Signs, you may just save a life or two.

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